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Update on everything (transferred)

Posted by --- on Thursday 8 March, 2007

Ok its been a while so heres an update: Currently in the 3rd month of my 2nd year at university training to be a nurse specialising in the general adult branch. My placement is a nursing home with places for almost 50 residents; half of which reside in a elderly mental unit – this is where I am currently placed. Surprisingly I am enjoying it! We are currently having a few weeks in Uni, where we will be covering mandatory skills, learning new clinical skills and refreshing old ones. Soon we will have a series of assessments to monitor our progress. We can pass or fail these. If we fail, we have another chance to try again (I think) and if we still fail we are off the course… I also have an assignment to write about critical appraisal and health promotion. I also have to write several reflective pieces for my portfolio and index and link sections in my portfolio which will also be assessed shortly. Today we had personal protection training . Most health care workers don’t report abuse – either physical or verbal – unless it is relatively serious. I bet that almost daily on my current placement, a member of staff receives some sort of abuse – more likely physical such as scratches or nail digging or hitting – and it wont be reported. As someone said today; “how bad do you feel for reporting a 92yr old for abuse?” So the rest of my life at the moment is pretty hectic. The kids are doing well, my DH got laid off work last week but has managed to find some temporary work for the unforseeable future. He is still working on a building site but this time he is taking them down instead of putting them up! Apart from studying and homelife I am trying to cram in recreation where I can.I have logged into Runescape and set myself up to catch monkfish – this way when I get up, I can log in and fish a few while I’m eating my breakfast etc lol! Amazon sent me my copy of The Sims 2: Seasons last week and I just dont have time to play! How depressing is that?! Oh well, its not forever is it…..???

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