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Posted by --- on Sunday 11 March, 2007

Whats up with bidders on ebay? Today, 20 minutes before the end of the auction, I placed a bid on a buy-it-now (bin) item. The item was for sale for £4.90, I placed a maximum bid for £4.50 and someone outbids me at the last minute for £4.90! This item is for sale from the same seller every hour for the same price. Its an auction starting at £3.99 with a bin of £4.90. So why did the other bidder not just bid on another auction finishing later on or just outright buy one? They do it to me all the time. I’d rather wait an hour (not that it matters to the post time) and get it cheaper. People have no idea. I see people paying through the nose for items on ebay just so as they don’t “lose”! Most of the time it could be bought cheaper elsewhere. They’re crazy! Me? I always do my research and as for the item today, I just bid on it an hour later …

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