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osce practice and more

Posted by --- on Friday 23 March, 2007

This week has been interesting again apart from Monday. That was evidence based practice module and I dont really enjoy it. Not only that but I raced around like an idiot after cleaning up puppy poo and feeding her and getting the kids sorted and so I missed my own breakfast and coffee to get there at 9 am (oh yeah and sat in traffic for 20 mins) to have a lesson for just over an hour and come home!

I like these clinical weeks in uni though. This week we’ve covered urinary catheterisation in both men and women. The lecturer said we’d probably lose the skill to do male catheterisation as many of our mentors aren’t trained to catheterise men. In another session we looked at first aid again. We were expecting to do cvp lines but that session didnt happen. We then spent a day doing manual handling covering the legislation and later in the day we were video filmed for us to review our practice; I dont think anyone really appreciated that. I personally hate being filmed. On our last day we had an OSCE practice session. This I think, will be invaluable in a few weeks when we will be doing the real thing. Its surprising how many silly mistakes you make when you are being observed.

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