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Posted by --- on Friday 23 March, 2007

After I dont know how many years, I’ve caved in and bought an ipod. I thought I’d get the video one because I thought you could get movies for it. It looks like I can’t as I’m not in the US 😦 Plus, they look dayam expensive! Like the audiobooks. The main reason I bought it was to have podcasts etc. I was also hoping to integrate it with our current systems in the car and the house but it hasn’t worked out that way.

For starters, to connect it to anything in the house, I need a special kit which is going to cost more money. We bought a new car stereo not long ago which being Sony, we assumed would take the ipod especially as it has an aux port on the front that states “Front Panel Aux In
Plugging your portable audio devices into your car’s sound system is like stealing candy from a baby. ” We plugged it in and it did naff all… So that means another car stereo or another kit so more money.

I wasn’t impressed with itunes either. Maybe I need to get used to it but I found it a nightmare to sort through the huge list of files it came up with! My computer has been running for some time now and we converted tons of music to mp3s to put onto disk to play in the car. Itunes did a search and came back with 2600+ which it put into a huge list for me to select from.. I can’t be bothered going through that lot and I certainly don’t want the majority of it on my ipod! Most of it have been albums done for other people and its music I can’t stand. Ok, so I should pull my finger out and sort it out on my computer but I dont want to right now. I have neither the time nor the enthusiasm so why can’t I just have a list of folders or something? They are stored in folders that, if I use media player or winamp I can select to play that folder before it’s added to a playlist not after!

Apologies in advance if much of this doesnt make sense. I’m absolutely shattered and am now into rambling…

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