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Posted by --- on Saturday 24 March, 2007

We set up a tank. In it we put 2 peppered corys, 3 bronze corys, 5 white cloud mountain minnows and a pair of breeding kribensis’. Within a few days, one of the bronze cory’s was found bobbing around the top of the tank. I was regulary testeing nitrates, nitrites etc
A month later we added 3 neon tetras. A few days later there were 2
Then last Sunday we added 2 male guppies that J. picked, a bristle nosed cat that S. picked and 4 harlequin rasborras that I picked. By Tuesday one of the harlequins had gone and one of the male guppies was at the top of the tank with half his back end missing. By Friday another harlequin has gone. I can only guess that its the kribies. There is nothing else big enough to eat them in one go and as they are vanishing over night, they must be getting ate… I need to watch them closely and see what’s going on.

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