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Posted by --- on Saturday 24 March, 2007

I know people are in a rush but why can’t people wait? I can’t win with the post delivery people around here. Last year I was doing a set of night shifts and the postlady insisted on knocking me out of bed at 08:30 three times to deliver a parcel/packet. By knocking me out of bed I dont mean the continual tap of the letterbox until I get up, I mean thunderous banging that cracks the plaster on the inside of the door frame! On the third occasion I wasn’t impressed and asked her if she’d knock only once or twice and then leave. She then spent 15 minutes telling me how she knew what it was like to have to get up early and have people getting you out of bed as she had to be up in the early hours so went to bed in the evening to have people waking her all the time… I said that as she knew what it was like, maybe she’d appreciate my position. She decided not to knock the door again to deliver my post so that I had to go and collect it from the depot myself! That has changed recently which I attribute to my relentless cheery nature around her with good mornings and asking her how she is etc; she actually knocks the door in a normal manner now, leaves it a minute, knocks again and goes away. It’s great. Except we also have Nigel Mansell driving the delivery van. This morning the door knocked and I was in bed. (I was up until 2am looking up articles on dog training!). It was a discreet single knock from our now thoughtful psotlady but being aware that my BT equipment is arriving any day I shot up out of bed and tried to get dressed before she left. I missed her so I picked up the rest of the post and I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on. K. & J. (the kids) were opening a parcel. They had opened the door and got the parcel and as it was addressed to J. and she recognised it as being her Felcity Wishes mag so was opening it. I was gutted it wasn’t my BT stuff especially seeing as my brother (J.) ordered his the day after me and got his stuff on Thursday (22nd March) – yes, I’ve complained.

I took M. (the puppy) to the toilet and as I opened the kitchen/backdoor into the porch and turned to get my shoes on she wee’d on the floor in front of the porch door; I could tell it was going to be one of those days… I let her out anyway then had to go get her and carry her back in. I noticed she was limping so I came back to ask J. & K. if they knew why and there was a red card on the floor telling me that someone had tried to deliver a parcel but I wasn ‘t in. Arghh! I’d only let the dog out for a wee! I asked the kids what happened to the dog and K. told me he’d accidently shut the door on her. I decided to watch her and see if she improved. Then I put my coat back on and went to find the postlady. The card said I could collect it from the office in 5 hours but it shut in 3! She told me that it was the van and that if I went up the office at 10:30 I should be able to collect whatever it is. So I start getting ready and as I’m about to get changed the phone rings and its my bro J. He wants me to go with him to the Birmingham office to collect his BT stuff as he missed the delivery on Thursday. Then he wants me to go with him to pick a laptop… I wanted to get my stuff sorted and play runescape today as a break from work but its not going to happen is it. He will be here in a minute. It is going to be one of those days….

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