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Posted by --- on Sunday 25 March, 2007

Like I said, one of those days. We left to go to the Post Office at 11:30. The parcel was my BT kit but they didn’t include the Broadband phone. If you ask me, when I complained they bunged a label on a home hub box and stuck it in the post. It wasn’t even in a bag! Anyway, as I said no phone. I did ring up (eventually when I got home) and to start with I was told that I wasn’t supposed to have one. When I said that it was one of the deciding factors in my return as a BT customer I was put on hold while they spoke to someone else. Do you think they really do that or do you think they go off and have a fag so that you think they’re making a special effort just for you?! Anyway, she returned and told me that it was all sorted and I should get it by 29th March.

Ok, back to today. After we went to the parcel depo to pick up bro J.’s BT kit -with phone I might add! – we went to look at laptops. They had one that my bro J. was considering (the same as S.’s) in Curry’s but it was out of stock though it was in stock in another fairly local branch. We went to Comet and it was apparently reduced by £100 making it the same price as the one in Curry’s but again it was out of stock. This meant a drive to another store where it was in stock. When we got there I noticed a few ex-displays that were reduced. This made the laptop better spec than the one he was after originally but for the same money! So he went for one of those. Simple yes? No. We were there for hours.. literally. Everything went wrong. The laptop was packaged and opened again four times. The price wasnt right, the warantee was wrong, the sofware had to be removed and on an on… I got back home at 16:20 after leaving at around 11:00 and we only travelled 15 miles in one direction and back to collect a parcel and 15 in another to buy a laptop.

We got back and by the time everyone had gone it was almost 20:00, I started emptying my Harry Potter computer station (meaning my shelf under the stairs!) in readiness to set up the new kit. It went ok. Its’ a nightmare trying to get to everything in the limited space, I bang elbows, knees, my back, my head I swear and get dusty but I managed. I got as far as plugging in the hub for it to tell me to leave it alone for an hour after connecting it! So I texted bro J. to let him know so that he could connect it before he went out. He rang and we were on and off the phone setting it up. I disconnected the power by accident at 21:00 and had to start my hour again. Then eventually it was time to connect it all. I plugged it all in, put in the appropriate numbers and it said they were wrong! I did it over and over again. I gave up and tried on S’s laptop because it has built in wireless. The software said it didn’t detect a wireless adapter. I came back to the tower and did it another three times and for some reason it accepted the number! I wasn’t mistyping it before because I was pasting the number in the space so it never changed… Anyway it was eventually set up at 00:25 and here I am tapping away at a keyboard. I’ve no idea what time it is right now because the clock changed. It says its 02:23. Is that an hour forward or is it really that time and I have to go back/forward? I dont know. It’s been a long one of those days… I’ll sort it tomorrow.

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