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Posted by --- on Wednesday 25 July, 2007

I dropped my camera! Wahhh! I can’t believe it! It cost me almost £200 for a refurbished unit and that’s a lot of money to me! I’ve had it only 7 months.

To be honest I wasn’t overly impressed with it. I wanted one that was all bells and whistles but it didn’t focus very well. My brother J had one that was a lower spec – though just as expensive – but it focused much better at close range. When you zoom in with mine it couldn’t cope and most of my pictures were blurred. I contacted the person who sold it to me who gave me £50 to get it repaired. I thought that was good – until now. It has lots of manual overrides but with my nursing course, I just didn’t have time to learn about it – maybe that will change now.
So yes, today I was taking photos of a baby bird that S had rescued yesterday, I put it down to wipe some condensation off the window and went to pick it back up. As I did the neck strap caught on the drawer handle and ripped the camera out of my grasp and it hit the floor with an “ohh nooo!” from me. I picked it up and tried to zoom in and out. It just made a sickening clicking and whirring noise. I tried again with the same result – why do we try again when we know its not gonna work?! So I turned it off and turned it back on but it wouldn’t turn on. It just made the horrible noise again and turned off 😦
I was going to ring the local camera shop but remembered from another occasion that they just send it to the manufacturer so I rang Kodak direct. The short version is that they no longer make this model even though its not even a year old. Apparently the public thought it was too advanced and complicated so Kodak are dropping the P range and sticking mainly with fully auto cameras that the public want. They will still support it but there are no local repair centers so it’s costing me £90 to get it repaired. Its going to Colchester then on to Germany and will be away for up to 4 weeks! He told me to thoroughly test it when it gets back to make sure its OK – I’m hoping it’s better and will focus at close range! Either way when I get it back I’ve got to spend all of my time taking photo’s coz that man said so, so there… ;p In the meantime I’m back to using this one that I’ve had for years! The kids are upset as I’ve confiscated it back again

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