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Posted by --- on Friday 3 August, 2007

What can I say today? I love S! I love him so much; I love him more today than I did 15 years ago. I love my kids! Everyday I love them all more and more; even when they drive me nuts! 😉 I love my family. Anyway, thats how I feel today.

My phone was sorted today so I sent texts to the girls from uni. It was quite sad and the first time I’ve had any regrets about not being on the course since I’ve been away. They are brilliant and will make fantastic nurses. I would have no qualms about being a patient of theirs. I will miss them and I hope we all keep in touch. Some of us have already made plans to meet up over the holidays so I’m looking forward to that.

J had one of her sleepwalking episodes a couple of nights ago. She is getting them more often now but at least she rarely gets the night terrors that used to make her scream and cry and we couldn’t get through to her and most of the time scared her more because we became part of her dream – they are awful. This one was a normal one. She came down and we have glass panelled doors like the one here. I was sitting here under the stairs on my pc and the door was closed. She started pushing it instead of using the handle but it wasn’t a constant push. She was sort of bouncing off it. She kept it up for a minute or so and I was about to get up before she hurt herself when she looked at the handle and opened it. She came in, asked what I was doing, gave me a kiss and went back to bed! She does this type of thing all the time. If you didn’t know her you would swear she was awake. Her eyes are open and she talks and acts as if she is awake but she does things she wouldn’t normally do, or says odd things and most of the time she doesn’t know where she is – or rather, she isn’t where she thinks she is. For example she has said she is in bed when she is on the lounge floor, she was going to go to bed by going out of the back door and many other things. We have to lock the doors and move the keys after a recent episode when she was about to walk out of the house at gone 1am in her nightclothes! Apparently she was going to see how big they’d grown but she couldn’t tell me what exactly “they” were and was most annoyed at me for not knowing…

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