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Posted by --- on Monday 1 October, 2007

Wow its been two months since I last blogged.

News – loads!

1st – well, I’m going to be a Nan… Yep I am. Honest! L & L are having a baby boy. L had no idea she was pregnant and neither did anyone else. She’s due in November.

Uni has gone out of the window and I feel much better at the moment

L got his first job today

K was very upset this morning because we clipped his hair to get rid of the head lice last night and when he looked at it this morning he didnt want his friends to see it 😦

S came home early. Something to do with a client not paying his boss so he’s had to come back. He was finishing early anyway to go for a blood test. He bought a van off Ebay a few weeks ago which is the worst car we’ve ever bought – long story but will update and link it. He’s also bought a BMW which also needs tons of work and money 😦

We noticed yesterday that the tax was due on the Vectra so we went to sort out the MOT etc and discovered it’s had no MOT since March! Booked it in this morning and had a taxi home -then I suggested we see if the rot box – I mean van would start and surprisingly it did. Oh and the vectra went straight through the MOT! Go Veccy-noo-noo!

We went to the Hollybush (in the van because the Vectra was in the garage all day) to get the kids some Neon tetras and a guppy to cheer them up and put in the new tank and S ended up buying a large – 6- 7″ Oscar to go with the other one….

I’ve spent the last few months playing WOW and getting the house/garden sorted.

I’ll post pics of the garden

We bought a rotovator off Ebay today and went to collect it in the van tonight. Can’t wait to get it out tomorrow and have a blast. I just need to dig up those last few docks, brambles and nettles; the roots of which go down a good 18″ to 2′ 😦 Am planning another veggie plot but we have no luck with the garden. We now have vine weevil, lily beetles as well as the million slugs, snails, couch grass, untidy neighbours whose brambles are growing both over and under the 6′ fencing. I’m going to need a lot of luck :S

Also from Ebay – I hope. I’m waiting for the auction to end any minute – I’m buying a wormery to use the kitchen scraps etc. Can’t wait to try that either! Will let you know how it goes.

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