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New car planned

Posted by --- on Saturday 27 October, 2007

Yep, we’re having a new car. Not a brand new car but new to us. It’s a burgundy (?) 2003 Ford Focus 1.8 LX Tdci; not my type of car to be honest – it was parked next to my type; an 03 BMW M3 convertable… – but still it’s diesel so we should at least double our fuel economy (full tank in old BMW that I’m currently driving costs just under £40 and did around 230 miles and the Vectra wasn’t much better) it’s quiet, comfortable, the dog will fit in it, the car dealer is having a towbar fitted after my comment of not having one and it should – according to dealer – pull a caravan; I wanted the towbar for the trailer but pulling the caravan is a bonus! We could have taken it tomorrow but because I want the towbar fitted, it will be Monday evening. The dealer is having the van that we bought off Ebay (well were conned on Ebay to be fair) and my Veccy. It will be sad to see the Veccy go. It’s been through a lot with us over the past 4 and a half years. It’s the longest we’ve had a car. As I said before, it’s never let us down and had no money spent on it apart from tyres. Bye Veccy…

PS – S started smoking again tonight 😦

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