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Kittens move in

Posted by --- on Thursday 6 December, 2007

Well we have more additions to the household now. After looking for a while, we found Wellcat cat rescue on the web and went to look at two brothers. I only wanted one cat but Pauline wanted these to stay together. S was happy to have the two. When we got there it was difficult to just take two! There were lots of cats and kittens there that needed homes. Pauline and her family must have their work cut out looking after them all. I am thankful that there are people out there who can dedicate themselves to looking after unwanted pets.

I have a theory that I would love to see put into action. I think that all pets – but especially larger domestic animals such as cats and dogs – should be registered. They should all be neutered or spayed unless the owner/keeper is a registered breeder. I can think of loads of reasons why this would be a good idea but especially because there would be a reduction in unwanted pregnancies and animals. In the case of cats, they are often left out to roam for hours on end and the owners have no idea where they are or what they are doing. Sometimes this isn’t the owners fault; I have a cat that hates being in the house. She is 14 now and spends all of her time outside in the garden. She sleeps in the shed. She has beed spayed however and can be found at any time. Although she doesn’t want to be inside, she never goes far and can be found in our garden or my neighbours  – which she loves in the summer as it’s overgrown and she lies in the long grass in the sunshine.

Did you know that cats can get pregnant at 6 months old! Apart from the hundreds of kittens that are born, there are many illnesses that would be avoided if the cat is neutered/spayed, tom’s are less likely to roam, fight and get run over.   It annoys me that people breed animals – any animal – when most of the time, there really is no need. I can pretty much guarantee, that where ever you are – in the UK at least – there is a rescue centre or home nearby that has whatever pet you want, be it a dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit etc … If you are thinking of having a new pet, take a look. Even Pets-at-home now has a rescue animal section. Oh and another plus with rescuing is that most of the time, the animal is free. Charities don’t charge you for a pet although you can donate if you want to. This includes the bigger places. I was in Pets-at-home last year and as I walked around I saw people with their heads over the little fenced area which is smack in the centre of the shop, cooing over the rabbits and guinea pigs which were being sold for £20 – £30. I walked to the back of the shop, where sitting in cages were, yep you guessed it, young rabbits and guinea pigs – free! In fact, I bought home a 6 month old guinea pig! As I said, please think about this before you buy a new pet.

Here are the kittens:

Pepsi16wks whisper16wks

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