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It’s that time of year again…

Posted by --- on Monday 7 January, 2008

What is it with new year and electrical appliances? Every year something decides it’s not going to do another year and gives up in the first few weeks! This year it’s the DVD recorder and the tumble dryer.

As Yule has now finished and I took all the decorations down yesterday, I thought I’d get all the films etc that we recorded on to disk. I went to turn the recorder on and nothing happened. I changed the fuse and still nothing. I’m gutted!  River Cottage is on there; the Escape series and the Forever series. The DVD is a Packard Bell EHR2080 and so far, apart from being a bit noisy and taking a while to boot up, it’s been a good recorder. OK, I can’t compare it as it’s the only one we’ve had. It was also expensive at around £300 when it first came out. It wasn’t really used very much but since we’ve has Sky+ with its ease of recording entire series’ even weeks in advance, it has been used more. I wouldn’t say it’s had its money’s worth though so if you’re thinking of buying one, look at something else unless it’s cheap! Looking at the Packard Bell forum it isn’t really a good buy. My main problem now is how to access the recordings on the HDD. Is it possible to? I would have it repaired if I knew where to take it. I rang our TV repair centre and they said it needs to go to a computer shop!? I did explain that what it was but they insisted that it was computer related not TV… Hmmm…

The other appliance is the tumble dryer. Now to be fair, it’s not all the dryers fault. It’s a Hotpoint CDT40 and like the DVD, isn’t very old but for a while now it’s been making a terrible noise. So loud that you can’t use it at night. So S had a look at it yesterday. He took the panel off the back and noticed that the fan was rubbing on the machine. It was very loose so he put some tape around the pin to hold it in place and stopit rubbing. When he turned it back on it was quiet; it wasn’t rubbing but it wasn’t heating up either. I’ve had a look today and it looks as if the element is broken – no idea how that could have happened. I’m not very good with this type of thing but the element(s) looks like a coiled spring around a foil coated card. The card in the middle has snapped. I don’t think this will affect the element but I think it may have tripped the thermostat. Just guessing as I’ve got no idea. So, I need to get another element and probably a thermostat if I want to fix it.

Great… I’ve just gone to unload the dishwasher and it’s still got water in the bottom. Please let it be a one off!


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