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Yet another battery chicken petition

Posted by --- on Thursday 13 March, 2008

Ok Easter is almost here which means that the chocolate companies are rubbing their chocolate fingers together!

creme eggs But, how many of us thought of the battery hens when munching away at a creme egg? I suppose many of us thought of their welfare for our boiled eggs but creme eggs? Well I didn’t until now; it never occured to me that they contained real egg or that those eggs came from battery hens. The UK Battery Hen welfare trust have made me aware of this and started a campaign to ask cadbury’s to use free range eggs instead.

In a silly move (with the way the country is reacting to battery farming at the moment) cadbury’s have said that a creme egg aspires to have it’s gooey centre liberated. It ends it’s little “goo-ology” with “Viva freedom!” Yep, right phrase but wrong eggs…

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I don’t know why companies can’t use free range. McDonalds have again recieved an award for their use of free range and the promotion of such and Hellman’s have made the major decision to produce all of it’s UK products using free range eggs from February 2008. It’s just a shame it doesn’t make this an international decision.

battery hens

battery farmWhen you take a look at the condition of the birds and how they are kept, it’s not a hard decision to make.

Edit – just to let you know that I checked again whether battery hens are still used and cadbury’s confirmed that they are:  see this post for the response.


10 Responses to “Yet another battery chicken petition”

  1. connor lewis said

    i think this is discusting all living things dnt deseve this im sorry but NO!!!!!!! this is wrong im only young and im an animal lover i think it is mad!!!!

  2. Azlanta said

    this website scuks. stop trying to make this real, just because a reme egg i made out off real eggsand those aggs arnt free range, doesn’t mean that you can make a big fuss over this. it’s not like it’s illegal or anything!!!! U suck xxxxxxx :@ geeks!! why would you even take the time to try and acuse cadburys of ucha lam thing i mean do you have like no life! xx is this all you do in your spae tim r something!!! geeks 8-)!!!

  3. richclark said

    Really interesting post. I heard a rumour that Cadbury’s had backed down over the use of Battery Hen Eggs, however, I think they still use them.

    Any idea?

    If they use Battery Hen Eggs, I want to include them on the blog

  4. twinsane said

    I have approved the comment from azlanta as an example of just some of the mail I have recieved in regards to this post. I am not going to respond to it – I have my opinions, others have theirs. If people want to ignore what happens to animals in exchange for their food that is up to them. I have no problem with using animals and their produce for food but I do have a problem in how it is obtained.

  5. twinsane said

    Hi. Yes, as far as I know they still use battery eggs. The Battery Hen Welfare Trust are still running the campaign. I have contacted them (hens welfare not cadburies although that might be interesting) to find out the current status but as yet, have not recieved a reply.

    I will be looking at your site later too to see what else I didn’t know…:)

  6. ben said

    i never knew that! that is unberliverbul that cadburys would put that in! i have pet chickens and i am a vegiterian, so i feel very strongly about this issue.

  7. findegorgorito said

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