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Specsavers continued

Posted by --- on Friday 20 June, 2008

Well J went back for her 2 week check last Tuesday and I must say I’m impressed. I was dubious that she needed them before but now that her vision has improved I have to admit I was wrong. SHe is suffering from a lazy eye but the glasses are doing their job fantastically well and instead of having a follow up in 12 months, she can go back in 6 to review being weaned off them. I was so pleased. He said she is also long-sighted (as is my mom) and that she may need specs for close work but we’ll see.

I thought J would be pleased too but she “lost” her glasses the next day. Then on thursday night they turned up broken. I managed to superglue them but they broke again today. I’ll have to take them back to specsavers.

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