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The patter of not so tiny feet.

Posted by --- on Monday 21 July, 2008

It’s half past one in the morning and I’m sitting her typing away with our new arrival lying at my feet and snoring into my toes. Her warm breath is leaving condensation on the floor and her eyelashes are tickling my foot – I don’t want to move!

Yep, our German Shepherd pup has moved in. I keep looking at her. I can hardly believe she’s really here! After deliberating for all this time and looking at several breeders and puppies, we pretty much bought one on the spot! She’s 9 weeks old tomorrow which is older that those we’ve been looking at and she was in a kennel not in the house, which again is not what we’ve been looking at but she looks just how I wanted her to. Also, after travelling all over the country looking at potential pups, we found her at a breeder that lives in the midlands the same as we do who also recommended a training club that she attends! Being close meant that it wasn’t far to bring her home but she didn’t like the journey. She was drooling almost as soon as we set off and I was hoping she wouldn’t vomit because I think she’ll associate the vomiting with car journeys but she ended up being sick just when we were two streets away from home!

She has settled quite well now. She met the boys (cats) who were completely unfazed. Whisper was following her around rubbing around her, he’s such a fantastic cat. She was getting a bit bouncy but he just takes no notice. She wasn’t impressed when he sat on my lap and she started crying and jumping up; I wanted him to stay but he started to struggle and jumped off. I hope she doesn’t learn that she can get him to do what she wants if she jumps at him. Pepsi kept his distance but he’s not so social with dogs. Whisper went and settled in the box I’d made up for the pup until I chucked him out of it! She didn’t attempt to either get him out of join him in there. She was ok when I stroked her while she was eating too although she did turn sideways a little. Also, when she comes to you, she tries to put her front paw on you. If you try to put your hand on it, she moves it and puts hers on top again and will keep trying to put it on you if you move. I’m not sure if this is a test of leadership or not? She loves her food and was crying for more as soon as she realised it was all gone! The breeder – who I thought was brilliant – gave us plenty to keep us going for a few days but I forgot to get the details of the food. It’s a raw meat product mixed with Arden Grange. If she’s as food motivated as she seems it will be a huge help with her training. Her tummy sounds a bit unsettled at the moment but that’s probably the turmoil of the move and leaving her littermates and lovely warm kennel to be stuck with us in this weird noisy kitchen!

So far, she seems wonderful! She follows you everywhere you go and as I started off saying, she lies at your feet. Now everyone has gone to bed, when I walk around, she follows me and lies where I stand. I’m not sure whether to start as I mean to go and just leave her to settle for the night now or get the camp bed out and sleep here with her to settle her in. I suppose I should go and leave her to settle now she’s been sleeping for a while. S will be up in 4 hours so it’s not too long for her to be on her own. Ok I’m going to lift her into her box and go to bed.

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