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Day one – nine weeks old today

Posted by --- on Tuesday 22 July, 2008

Well what a day for the pup it’s been today but she’s coped amazingly well! J and I went shopping this morning to the new local pet shop and bought her a nylon lead and collar, toothpaste and brush, a fleecy bed and a few toys. When we got home I tried her collar on and she didn’t flinch! She didn’t scratch or bother with it so I’ve left it on. Not only that but I tried her lead later in the afternoon and she was ok with that too. She had a little blip when she realised she was attached to something and she pulled back a little bit but otherwise she was ok. She noticed Taz (my elderly cat) and barked at her so we need to work with that and her housetraining isn’t getting off to a good start as she mostly wee’s in the middle of the kitchen, avoiding the paper by the back door. Once or twice, I’m sure she cried before weeing but we missed it. She absolutely loves her food! She is eating a product called DUCK excellent (translated) mixed with Arden Grange as recommended by the breeder. To get her used to hands by her dish, I tried dropping bits of other food such as cheese or ham but she leaves the “treats” in her bowl and gulps the rest down! She seems okay with hands but so did Molly for the first few days. I also introduced her to being brushed which again didn’t really bother her. Let’s hope it stays this way because I think it’s just early days…

This evening I was outside with the neighbours and S bought her out on her lead. The breeder said that now she has had her first vaccination, we should get her outside asap to socialise. She said that the vets recommend they stay in till so many days after their final vaccination but socialising is more important and there isn’t that much evidence that there is a high risk. I find it very scary to let her on the floor just in case she gets something nasty and asked S not to take her to the park he was going to walk to because of all the dogs. It was a surprise when he bought her out but she was fabulous! We ended up being outside for a couple of hours. Lots of people wanted to fuss her, one or two wanted to pick her up; she met an elderly lady with a stick (next door neighbour D.) who we passed the lead to and the pup was quiet and calm, and she also met several other women of various sizes and hair colour including a drunken lady, a couple of men and lots of kids of ages up to 10. Cars were going up and down past her, pushchairs, bikes, etc. Our kids, S and our other next door neighbour C were playing ball quite close to her with their friends, S and the kids were play fighting, screaming and running around and she just wasn’t fazed at all! If I’d seen nervousness or anything to indicate it was too much for her, I’d have taken her in the house but she lay or sat quite happily watching it all, sniffing the floor or trying to chew the stones on my neighbours drive. In the end she fell asleep so it shows how well she took it. It’s amazing when you think that she was in kennels which were in the back garden of a house that is at the end of a country lane. So although the breeder was good with handling and socialising, she hasn’t really been in the house much and many of these encounters were probably her first. At one point she had a glitch when a dog walked past on the opposite side of the road. She went off barking with her hackles up. I stepped in front of her to block the view but she kept darting around my legs. This is something we need to work on too; it’s odd because she was fine with Whisper and Pepsi ( my young black cats). Whisper got in her bed with her! We didn’t come back in the house until around 11pm and she flaked out. She doesn’t go far from where you’re sitting. We really need a name for her now but still can’t decide.

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