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Introducing Lexie

Posted by --- on Wednesday 23 July, 2008

The pup woke me (and the kids but no one got up) this morning by whining and crying (it sounded like she was yelping in pain) loudly at about 6am. This continued on and off until I got up at around 8. I assumed the kids were downstairs and she was doing it to go in the lounge with them; I was wrong she was just crying. She went berserk when I came down (we have a glass kitchen door so she can see you come downstairs) and it was hard to ignore her as she was jumping up the backs of my legs but I did my best. She’d wee’d and poo’d on the paper that is permanently (obviously changed if it’s soiled) by the back door so I had to try and clean it out of the way to take her outside – not that I thought she wanted to go to the loo. I was right; she just followed me outside and lay down on my feet! So I came in, still ignoring her, got myself washed etc and made a coffee. I prepared her breakfast and pretended to eat it before giving it to her. I don’t make her sit because I haven’t taught her sit yet (will start tomorrow) but I do make her wait by keep picking the bowl up until she stops lunging at it and me. Yesterday she was howling and jumping up at it. I’ve arranged with TPMS to have her food delivered this Friday. The prices are much better than I thought and works out to less than 50p a day for the DUCK including delivery. I haven’t calculated the Arden Grange. I haven’t got to grips with her pre-toilet behaviour at all yet and S just takes her out and stands there till she goes. I want to ask that he waits 2 minutes (which I read somewhere ages ago) and brings her back in if she doesn’t do anything because now she wants to go out all the time to play. But I can’t. I’ve already said “try to make her wait as you go through a door so that you go first” and about not letting her jump up and ignoring her when she cries. It’s not going well; he really doesn’t get the training things and gets quite annoyed with me for saying anything. We already now have 10 different sounds for each thing. She’s getting told to come, sit, off, down etc she doesn’t know the words; I’m worried she’s going to pick up bad habits and getting confused! I know it’s early but she is also learning from the second she came in the door and it’s just making my job harder. He wants her already trained and I haven’t even started. Plus we all need to be consisted or it will take forever!

On a good note, we have finally got a name for her. Lexie. None of us could pick one we all liked and this is one that none of us mind. It means “mans defender” so S is chuffed with it… I’ve booked her in to the vets for her next vaccination and to be micro-chipped on Wednesday next week at VP but am dreading the car journey. I’m not sure how to go about getting her used to the car. The breeder suggested I take her out often but on long journeys that she feels pups cope with better. She’s the one with all the experience but I thought short ones would be better because she might not get chance to be sick and therefore not associate the car with vomiting. The breeder seems to think she’ll grow out of it anyway but to leave it a couple of hours after food and not too much water. The Disco is going into the garage tomorrow though to have some work done so I hope it won’t take long.

I bathed her this evening after we had tea. She didn’t like it very much and cried the place down towards the end but I cleaned up her belly to keep an eye on what looks like a rash (flea?) and cleaned the mess out of her tail. I’m not sure if it’s fleas; I’ve put some “spot on” on her just in case. I took the kids to aikido tonight and s looked after her. He put her on a lead to try to water the garden but said it was impossible and he walked her out to meet us in the drive on her lead when we got home. He’s most impressed that she did two wee’s and one poo outside but he sat outside with her all the time I was out so she’s not really learning that’s where she should go, she’s still just going wherever she is standing. She is odd though and twice this evening she’s followed me in to the house, walked over the newspaper and wee’d on the first tile. I should be watching for it really but she does it as she comes into the house or within a couple of minutes and it looks like she’s sitting. It is frustrating because she’s just come in from outside. The second time she did it S was most irritated. He didn’t say anything to her but told me that it p’s him off! She’s been much more active and nippy tonight too now she’s finding her feet. I expected it but I’m not sure how to deal with it. I tell the kids to yelp and walk off or stand up if she jumps on their legs when they sit down but how do I explain it to the cats?! She makes a bee line for them when she spots them and she’s in the right mood and I know she is only playing but she is way too big to bounce all over them. She is bigger than them already and in a few weeks she could really hurt them. She responds quite well to “ah-ah!” but I don’t know how long for and I don’t want her to stay away from them, I just want her to be calm around them. At the moment I either clap or “ah-ah!” to distract her or give her a toy – which she tries to run off out of the way with. I wish I could start puppy training at the club right now. I’ve ordered some i-clickers from ebay which should be here soon so I’ll see how she goes with that. I know she is food motivated – well she loves her dinner – so I’m hoping she picks it up quite fast if I can find something she will work for. I gave j a few Arden Grange and I had a few and we took it in turns to make squeaky noises to encourage her to come and saying “Lexie!” when she ran towards us with a treat, a fuss and a “good girl!” then the other one of us would call her. We only repeated it about 10 times altogether as she is very easily distracted. I’m still trying to get her not to barge past me through doorways. If I can, I get to the door and stop dead as she runs behind me, then I slowly walk backwards towards her to make her back up. Often she will back up then sit and look at me though she is really fast with doors. I thought I’d pop to the loo while she was asleep and I came out of the bathroom and walked back to the kitchen. Then spent a couple of minutes looking for her before it dawned on me that she could – though how I don’t know – be in the bathroom and there she was! I’ve no idea how she got past me without me seeing her and how I never shut her in the door either I don’t know.

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