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Theres nothing like a howling puppy to wake you up!

Posted by --- on Thursday 24 July, 2008

She did it again this morning. 6:30 and she was howling the place down worse than yesterday. It sounded like she was ramming the door too. I left her to it and tried to sleep (I’m not going to bed till between 2 and 3 at least!). it wasn’t happening but there was no way I was getting up with her. She did go quiet for 10-15 minute bursts but in the end K got up and I heard him go to the loo then put the ps3 on and didn’t take her outside. Then I heard him tell her off so I got up. She’d poo’d and wee’d on the floor (poo on paper!) but s had already said she’d done both on the floor when he’d got up too and she’d had a poo outside at 2:20am. The rest of the day hasn’t gone too bad as far as housetraining is going. She does wee in the house but as soon as she starts now I say “Ah!”, take her collar and walk her outside; if I’m lucky she finishes out there and I give massive praise. I’m taking her out after meals and stuff but she isn’t going to the loo that often so I don’t take her out hourly now.

She tried a few new things today. She ate other dog food (puppy complete from pets at home that I had in the cupboard) which she loved; I don’t think I’ll feed it to her but can use it for training. She tried cheese (mild), a carrot and ice cubes. She didn’t seem keen on cheese, played with the carrot but loves ice cubes! The clickers arrived so I started trying to charge them. I’d click and treat and repeat but I don’t think she got it at all. I will try again tomorrow. Neighbour D. called me over the fence to ask how she was and asked me to take her round to see her again. I did and she met C., a neighbour from up the street. I like to have somewhere to take her on her lead that she likes so was glad to do it. C. was a little bit loud and gruff with her and I didn’t like it (lots of oi’s and poking her etc) but I suppose it does her good to come across all types of people. Later on, s came in and said neighbour B. wanted to see her. His granddad used to breed GSD’s (though he called them Alsatians as we used to) and he wanted to look her over. He said she was nice but she was “cow legged”? or something like that meaning that her back legs were “knock-knee’d”. The people from across the street also came across to meet her and we stood outside for about half an hour. Two staffy’s went past on the opposite side of the road and this time she didn’t bark though she was really interested. We also had a couple of really loud motorbikes go past and she didn’t take any notice really. Again she just went to sleep. When it was late I remembered I needed to get some cash to pay for her food delivery tomorrow. She was sound asleep but I called her (she responds to me definitely now but I’m not sure she knows her name. I try to say it as she comes towards me with massive praise when she gets here) put her on her lead and walked to the shop. I want to take her with me wherever I go! I carried her across the road and again by the shops because of all the traffic and people but it was a bit quieter as we came away so she walked back. She is a little unsure of driveways. Where we live all of the gardens are walled in but as semi-detached we all have a shared driveway. Often she would stop dead when she got to the open area so I encouraged her a little and she ran forwards. At the moment there are no lead rules except that she doesn’t walk in front and I go through gateways etc first. I keep the lead in my left hand with it as loose as possible and I try to guide her to my left but she’s all over the place and I’m just letting her get used to the lead and the noises first.

She is getting quite excited around the cats and tries to bounce, chase or bite them. She’s just playing but the cats really don’t appreciate it and they run away. I really don’t want to push them outside but think she’ll hurt them so I’m not sure how to react.

She is good with her meals. We take it in turns feeding her. The kids probably feed her more than I do but she’s good with them. I make sure they eat first by preparing her meal (to get her attention) then eating a biscuit. She will whine a bit but sits and waits, whereas the first day she was jumping up at them. She is really, really good! While she’s eating they talk to her and touch her and her food bowl but she’s fine about it.

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