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OMG I hit her :(

Posted by --- on Friday 25 July, 2008

Well I was woken up at 08:10 this morning by the phone! It was S to see if I was up but I was impressed it was quiet! K gave L her breakfast and she was that settled with him touching her while she ate that she lay down! I took pictures. She’s found her feet today and wanted to play but I’m not sure what games to play with her. She keeps three toys. Her squeaky bone, her spiky ball and her furry Frisbee.

She discovered she can get under the gate today when whisper was playing her up thorough the posts. I don’t want to permanently fix wire to the gate so I’ve tied it on. I’m sure it will only be a week or two before she’s too big to get underneath so I can remove it then.

I spent a few minutes trying to get her used to the clicker again at around 10:30. Armed with James Wellbeloved Pure Incentives (fish) and a few pets at home puppy food (PAHPF) but she isn’t really interested. I think to get her used to it I need to find a food she really loves – apart from her DUCK which is gone in seconds! Her food has arrived and I struggled to get it into the freezer. It’s a minimum order but it’s a good price. I could do with someone going halves with me so I don’t have to empty our two freezers to try and make room for dog food! When clearing out the freezer to make space, I found the liver treats I made ages ago. I tried lexie with them but she doesn’t seem that interested. I also tried tuna which was a bit better. I want to give her a treat that she says “wow! I want another one of those, what do you want me to do?!” I did try to lure her into a sit and a stand and c/t for each repetition (5). I am also saying the words I want to use as she does the action. So far I can think of sit, down, ah-ah, go toilet, good girl that I’m using. I think she knows good girl is a reward because she often wags now when you say it but it’s always accompanied with excitement and lots of fuss.

We had half an hour in the car today. For the first five mins I sat in the back with her reading the KC puppy training book and dropping the occasional treat, then I moved to the back seat and left her in the boot. I gave her her spiky ball ( I think I’ll call it spiky! The KC puppy training book says to find toy names that and with ee) and a few bits of food. I sat on the back seat reading for another 5 or so minutes then got out and walked to the front, opened the door and closed it, then went back to the back seat. I left it another few minutes and then got out and went to the front and started the car and then moved to the back seat again. The problem was the heat because it’s a hot day again today and she was panting and uncomfortable. Leaving the car running, I went and fetched a drink and gave it to her in the boot with me standing with the door open. I also found a few PAHPF and gave her those. I went and sat in the back again. Then K came out so I asked him to sit in the back while I reversed up and down. The problem was the heat because it’s a hot day again today and she was panting and uncomfortable. As I sat in the front, she started jumping up the back seat and whinging. I went up and down the drive twice and she did sit but was whining so I left it at that. I will try again tomorrow.

I smacked her today and felt terrible. When we got out of the car, I took her to go to the toilet (“go toilet” is going to be the phrase) and she just lay down in the shade. She came in the house and started to wee as she walked in the door so I ah-ah’d and with a quick pull (not hard) on her collar ran outside saying “want to go toilet?”. She went out but lay back down! Pepsi came through the gate and I noticed his eye was swelled shut but lexie had noticed him first and shot up to run at him. It’s all a game to her but she’s too big to bounce on them, plus Pepsi looks injured. I was calling her and trying to grab her (which is a mistake I know but I sort of flapped) As she ran at him the cat tried to bolt but couldn’t get up the fence so he ran past her to try to get to his outside bed under the porch but again, he misjudged it and she cornered him and grabbed him by the tail and started to pull him. Before I knew it, I’d smacked her bottom (which was the only part I could get too!); not hard but I did it. She let go of the cat and plonked her backside on the floor, turned her head to look at me then walked off and lay by a plant pot in the shade. I felt awful even though it worked. I don’t know what Pepsi has done but his eye is closed up completely and looks quite swollen.

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