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Wednesday training at EGSC

Posted by --- on Wednesday 20 August, 2008

What a night. It bucketed it down, we were running late and rushing, the dog threw up in the back of the car, the kids Aikido class started late, making me late for the dog club.  Then again, it didn’t start till 8:30 anyway. Things were better this week. L. has gone from being really nervous to being embarrasing! She was barking and lunging at the other dogs and I didn’t know how to handle it. I was trying to turn her around and shout no at her but she was manouvering around my legs.

I felt a bit better in the ring and had things explained more this week. a great chap (no idea who he was) showed me how to hold the lead (thumb on top, short tight lead that lengthens or shortens to keep the tightness), how to walk her around the ring with a taught lead getting her excited,  how to stop and stand her, how to walk her around the other dogs. As I said, it made sense. I think as I enter the ring, I’ll say “showtime” to L. so she knows she’s ok to pull etc. I need a break/release command…

Obedience was ok. i’m not sure what i want to do and Sam asked me what i wanted but i don’t know. I said to go with formal obedience and then if it’s not what i want, asked if it was ok to change; she said that was fine. she showed me how to lure L. towards me and around to my left leg using a lure and saying “heelwork” as she comes around. she showed me to walk (setting off with the left leg) and treat when she was focusing on my hand – it looked simple… She said i could step it up on saturday to include distractions if i managed to continue doing small sessions 2-3 times a day.

The breeder was there tonight which was lovely to see her. sam suggested I ask her if L was good enough to show so I did. Nikki said that she’d said when we bought her that L was the one she was going to keep out of the litter (which she did) and went on to say that although it was too soon to tell yet as she is so young and her adult teeth need to come in etc, she was watching her tonight and she looked lovely and yes, good enough to show! I was really pleased, I’d love to show her just to see how she’d do.


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