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Posted by --- on Friday 22 August, 2008

Things aren’t too bad today and I was actually pleased with her. I tried the heelwork and think we did ok. We literally did 3 2 minute sessions on the back yard but I managed to keep her focused on the treats. Housetraining is still a nightmare. 4 craps on the floor this morning and in a room that only has 18 square feet in the center with a german shepherd in the middle of it, it’s horrendous. You can’t get to the back door past it all. You can’t walk in a part of the floor that isn’t soiled as there’s urine and faeces everywhere. its really depressing to get up to. J is trying to help and was cleaning it up as I got up this morning but putting it all in bags, then again, I’ve no idea what else she should do with it. L also walks in it so it’s traipsed all over her bed etc. It reeks! I noticed that she only did one poo outside all day and several small wee’s when I took her outside. She drives me bonkers wanting to go out to see if the cats are there, she runs out and pokes her head through the gate. Or else she is chasing flies which I can’t control. I can chase cats away but try stopping all the flies!

My other problem now is jumping up people. I dont think anyone today has acknowledges her when they’ve come in to the hosue but she’s still bounced all over them. Where does it come from? She never used to jump up and all of a sudden she is. argh!

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