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Posted by --- on Saturday 23 August, 2008

Ok this is a double post for today but L is acting odd.

First was the growling and barking at noises in the drive which I was pleased with earlier. But tonight she’s being out of character or maybe her character is coming out….

She’s been jumping up people as I said but today she’s been worse than ever. Then I know that K says when he walks in the kitchen on his own, she goes bananas play fighting, jumping up him pulling and biting at his trousers or t-shirt or arms. He was covered in red marks last week so I taught him to be a statue and ask her to sit, then give her a treat. I think that’s right. We had take-away for tea tonight (she pood on the floor while I went to fetch it. S cleaned it up) and we had it late. I took mine in the lounge with L and left S, K and J.  She started by trying to dig through the lounge door so everyone ignored her. Then I hear yapping and S shouting at her. I plait my legs together to stop myself from going in to sort it out. after tea S says that she was jumping up the table and grabbing at his clothes while he was trying to eat and when he shouted at her she started barking at him.

A little later S goes for a cig and thinks L want so go out. Then he calls me and says quick come outside. I for some reason think the hedgehog is back and S says that he’s not touching it. So I look to see the dog eating the cats food! J had left it on the floor. I didn’t think twice but said No! and took it off her. S said that as he’d gone to pick it up, she’d gone for him.

Then we came in the house. S went on the ps2 and I went to sort out the dogs supper but J came in. I asked her if she wanted to do it instead. She went to the food bag and was putting it in her bowl when the dog started barking at her. I told J that if she did it again, she should calmly put the bowl down and walk off, then return in a minute or so to teach the dog that barking at her does not make her get her dinner! As J walked in with the bowl I was explaining to her that I’d like her to ask L to do a down instead of a sit and as I was talking (less than a minute) the dog jumped at J and tried to take the food off her. I shouted at the dog, took the food and put it on the side and told J to give her a 5 min time out.

I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do but I’m not having her behaving in this way around everyone. It seems like she thinks I’m the boss and everyone else is below her! I don’t know why. All food is controlled; the kids feed her. The same with entry/exit points; everyone goes through a doorway before her and she is only allowed through with a release from who ever is going through. I’m assuming she’s testing them?

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