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sick of the mess

Posted by --- on Saturday 23 August, 2008

Today has started on a bad foot again. I went to bed at almost 3am, S was up at 7 and in those 4 hours there were 2 poos (no idea how many wee’s) which he cleaned up. He went out and I was up at 9 to another 2 poos and 3 wee’s which are anywhere but on the paper so it runs along the tile grouting and under cupboards etc. In two hours! I was slipping in all the mess trying to get accross to the back door to try to let her out. I wasn’t happy. I was bursting to go to the loo too but want to get her into the routine of going out when I get up. I take her outside and she runs around sniffing the floor like mad – or so I think. I then realise she’s after flies again. So I shout her back in which is fatal with her because unless you’re being nice to her she runs off. So not impressed I put on a happy tone to get her back in. As I walk in I slip in the mess which terrifies her and she shoots off behind my pc chair. I’m trying to clean the floor and slipping all over the place, every time she comes out she slips too. It’s a nightmare routine we do most mornings. I eventually clean up the mess and then I cleaned the floor with a 1:3 white vinegar and water mix that I’d read neutralises the smell so she won’t urinate on the floor. We’ll see shall we? Over the last two day’s it’s struck me that she only defaecates at night. I don’t think she goes in the daytime which I’m going to monitor now. [edit: she went at around 4 o clock this afternoon – outside because every time she goes to the back door, she goes out!] She is fed at 9, 3 and 9 (ish for all). Her feeding routine doesn’t change unless its wednesday which is club night so we’re an hour late with supper. I don’t know how to stop the nightime mess. I’m considering getting a crate but it’s not that easy. For starter’s, we’re broke this month and have to pay out for the caravan storage and K’s camping trip in addition to the school uniforms etc and normal bills. Then theres the space issue. I’d have to get a 3 ft crate because nothing else will fit and I will only use it for the next month or two until it’s too small for her (German shepherd need at least a 4ft). S will tell me I;m wasting more money on the dog. Then there’s training her to get used to the crate as it’s not an overnight job and if it takes too long, she’ll be too big for it! To get a crate in properly I’m going to have to lose the dining table and chairs unless it will go under the table and then the chairs will be in the way. Ohh I dunno.

On to training then… pfft! I took her out this morning for heelwork and she was only interested in flies. She kept trying to run past my hand to get the the flies. It was as if my hand was in her way – which it was, loaded with treats – and she just wanted to go around it. I made squeaky noises, gave a massive reward vocally, physically and edibly (?!) said heelwork as she was at my side how the trainer told me to and she just tried to go around again! So I gave up that time. Then later i tried but she heard the kids in the bedroom and completely ignored any attempt I made at trying to get her attention. I gave up again. I find it really hard and begin to think my personality isn’t suited for dog training. I get frustrated and angry with her. I know she’s a puppy and I don’t shout at her or anything but I feel like it.(edit: tried heelwork at about 3 this afternoon and managed to do about three small circles before she was distracted. I’m not sure I’m doing it right. She doesn’t follow my hand exactly but chews at it! It’s not comfortable but I’ll carry on. The trainer wanted me to “up the game” today but I’m not sure how and things aren’t exactly going to plan either. I wish I knew what I was doing!]

On to fleas. I frontlined her and whisper yesterday. She is still scratching today but I’ve ran the comb over her and not pulled one out. Normally there are loads so thats an improvement (saying that, she’s just collaped in a heap scratching.) The flea trap in the living room has also got two fleas in it. To be honest I’m gutted as I thought there weren’t any in there but at least the trap has done something. I suppose it’s inevitable there are fleas in there becuase thats where the cats go to sleep.

On a plus point, she’s actually started to bark at noises outside. I want her to bark so I can put it on command and she can warn me of people in the drive etc.

3 Responses to “sick of the mess”

  1. foreverpraying said

    I have been reading some of your posts, and feel for you. New pups are a joy and a pain. I know it seams like a hassle, but I would urge you to think more about create training. We got a beagle about 6 months ago and it was not until we strictly created her, only let her out to go outside to go potty, then let her play outside or inside for awhile (supervised) before crating again, that she got the hang of it. If you plan on showing her dont you have to have a kennel anyway? (I have never shown a dog, only visit an agility trial once!)

    With my first dog, we did not heel train per say, but we did teach him to walk on a loose lead. A trainer had me put a choke chain on him and hook a 20 foot lead on him. I then took him to a park and started running in different directions, forcing him to pay attention to me or get yanked around. Of course he was a 12 lb dog at the time… yours sounds bigger! With our second dog, the beagle, we used a Gentle Leader (more humane than a choke chain, I dont use them anymore.)

    I will be interested to watch your progress.
    Good Luck! Liz

  2. twinsane said

    I make it sound awful on here don’t i? I keep reminding myself that it’s a phase and she’s just a puppy and honestly, I do love her to bits.

    Nope I don’t have a kennel though I suppose that if I do take her to shows I’m going to need something aren’t I? Your agility trial puts you up a notch on the experience ladder unless you count a few dog shows I went to when I was little. I’ve no idea about showing and the only reason I thought about it is because of the german shepherd club we go to. It’s standard for them to run through the same training. The show training can’t hurt her and it started me thinking what if…

    I did choke training a long time ago too but this training is all done with a lure. It looks easy when you see someone else doing it! (
    Yep she’s double that size now. At 13 weeks she is about 25lb.

    How is your beagle doing now? And how did “heel” go with your first dog? I will have a look soon to see if you also have a blog 🙂 thanks for the comment and the advice Liz 😀

  3. Liz Rush said

    It may be a stage, but it is an awful stage. You have every right to complain! It helps a person get though it.;) Just a little whole longer and you will be through it!
    I have always wanted to show a dog, but i spay and neuter, so it would have to be obedience or agility. Your dog sounds very social and would probably love the chance to get out there and show off.

    Well, the first dog is something else. If you saw my page on them, you know a bit about what i am talking about! Anyway, at first I was happy with Rueben just walking without pulling. We had issues if i walked with someone else as well. He would wrap around them, and start pulling. So i just walked on my own with him and we were fine.

    When we started training Kiwi, Rueben got the same updating. He received his own Gentle Leader and the firm hand from my husband (he has no qualms about being the tough one.) So he can now go for a walk with two people.

    Kiwi does pretty well. We do not go for walks a lot, which really kills her training. Shame on me. However, we do exercise a fare deal playing inside, so we manage her weight well. She tries to pull the first few blocks then settles down. It helps that she likes to imitate Rueben, so if he is doing well, she will. Imitation is actually how we taught her to roll over. Although, imitation is also what taught her jump on people when she is excited… now just to un-teach that.

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