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It’s not all bad

Posted by --- on Saturday 23 August, 2008

It’s been hard for her tonight because she has an upset tummy; I’ve no idea what she’s eaten different over the last couple of days (maybe the 4lb of soil she dug up from under my lawn didn’t agree with her!). I’m sure though that she was trying to tell me she wanted to go out tonight. It was hard because she was bouncing about and kept going to the door, I let her out and she urinated but the cat was there so she chased him about and I bought her back in. She was acting odd so I asked if she wanted to go out again. She ran to her bed then ther door. So threatening that if she was after the cat again I wouldn’t be happy and would bury her down the garden (yes I know all she hears is “blah-blah” but I felt better!) I took her out. She bolted to the gate to see if she could spot Pepsi (one of the cats). I said “ah-ah, toilet” and she turned to me, sniffed the floor and did it! I went balistic and showered her with good-girls, fusses and a treat.

Ok, going through my posts I realise I moan… a lot! It’s probably because I type away on here as a release. I feel much better when I’ve finished posting and I forget that other people read it! Just to show that this week hasn’t been all bad I can tell you that apart from our heel and attention failures, she has learnt (sort of) to stand, she has learnt to catch (using popcorn so I didn’t take her eye out!), she is doing ok with retrieve (her best ever today even getting her ball out of a bucket of water), she leart the command “leave it” and I can throw treats on the floor that she will not touch unless I tell her “okay”.

Since we’ve had her she’s learnt: Sit, down, wait, eyes (to examine her eyes), teeth (examine teeth), open your mouth (let me open and examine her throat and already been useful twice for removing a plastic bottle top and a huge chunk of rawhide chew), ears (examine and clean), feet ( examine pads, etc), watch (look at my  face – holds for around 5 seconds now before I treat), ermm I’m sure there’s more that I can add. Oh yes, do your feet (lets me wash or just dry her muddy paws) We’ve sort of got better with the car athough she still doesn’t like it. She’s also used to the hairdryer, she’s better with having a bath but she hates the shower. And she’s probably learnt tons more that I didn’t want her to! ;p

She is like a shadow, she is always (unless I go out of the way) within 3 foot of me. She tries to squash under my pc chair that she could fit under it 3 weeks ago; now she wont but she tries. She loves cuddles and rolls over to have her tummy rubbed and her back legs go ten to the dozen if she’s stroked anywhere from her chin all the way down her tummy! She gets that excited when I talk to her sometimes that she falls over her big floppy feet in an effort to get closer or have a tummy rub or lick me! She has learnt to accept the cats too. She chases them but she is playing and if they come in the house they can take her bed and she will move out of the way or try to share it with them. This was yesterday:

I need a bigger bed...

I need a bigger bed...

Excuse me, can I have a little more bed?

Excuse me, can I have a little more bed?

Oh no, now he's licking his... well you know...

Oh no, now hes licking his... well, you know....

Food? Yep count me in!

Did you say food? Or was it just "cheese!"

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