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Elderflower wine stage 2…

Posted by --- on Wednesday 27 August, 2008

Ok, as I’ve said elsewhere, Lexie has taken over and nothing has been done! I keep spotting this batch or must sitting in the outhouse and I do mean to put it in a demijohn but haven’t gotten around to it until a couple of days ago.  The sg is down to .999 which makes it dry – I dont think I like dry wines but I’ll leave it a while and see how it tastes. It also looks as if it’s stopped fermenting as the airlock is showing no activity at all after two days. I’ll leave it where it is and rack it in a month. It looks awful with its khaki brown colour (which doesn’t show in camera) but it smells georgous. Elderflowers are my discovery of the year! I loved the cordial I made and found some in Ikea I couldn’t resist though I didn’t enjoy the £2 price tag. I think I’ll go and get a glass mixed with lemonade now.

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