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Breadmaking experiments 2

Posted by --- on Monday 1 September, 2008

Quantities as before but added in this order with some changes:

Tepid water (200ml warm, 100ml cold)
half the flour added on top but spread about not domed up (flour at room temp, not experimenting with faulty microwave!),
added the salt now to avoid contact with yeast (spread about on surface),
added 3 tsp bread improver,
Extra added 1 tsp dried milk powder (to combat paleness?),
Added vit C tablet
added remainder of flour
Added 1 1/2 tps Asda Yeast in a small indentation in the top of the flour.

Used setting 2 (2lb loaf)

This one worked out tons better! Not perfect but it was nice and didn’t last very long. The family have said they’d like it to take to work/school so we’re definitely getting somewhere. I’ve been breadmaking for ages but only recently experimenting to see what improvements I can make and also keeping a (b)log. I’ve had lots of successes before but until now, I didn’t remember exactly what I’d done!

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