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Lexie update

Posted by --- on Monday 1 September, 2008

Things aren’t going too badly at the moment. Yes I’ve had days’ when I’m pulling my hair out but others have been good. Housetraining is the same. I get up to mess though to be fair, it’s getting less and I’m better organised. The gloves are by the door, the mop is set up the night before with clean water etc, and the air freshener is next to the gloves!  Day times are the same in that I’m up and down all the time – 27 times in just over an hour and a half I counted one day – but I don’t get a mess when I’m home! It also depends on the cats. Today the cat has been in the house asleep so Lexie has only asked to go out 4 or 5 times in 7 hours and been every time. Other family members say they have real problems and that the take her out, she stands there and then toilets on the kitchen floor when they come back in – I don’t know what they’re doing different.

I’ve tried the heel work a few times and with better rewards (the liver treats) she is a bit better. I don’t know how well I’m doing though as I’m as new to this as she is. I’m keeping up the sits, downs, examining etc but I struggle with stand. She can’t stay off her backside!

She’s also developing her guarding insticts. I tried to take her for a walk – my new frustration! Trying to get her to walk next to me is a real battle. I do stand still if she pulls but she just stands at the end of the lead too, she doesn’t slacken it in the slightest, she’s not interested in treats at all when we’re out and she always barks at other dogs. I’ve tried walking backwards when she pulls, which works for about 20 seconds, I’ve tried going in the opposite direction and then turning the way I want to go after a few steps (never the same amount) but she is wise to that and just goes around me! I don’t really want to use a halti yet as I really want to walk her without one. I also had to contend with the cats that had decided to follow us on our walk if we walk from home (which I wanted to do as she is scared of the car and I don’t meet people with dogs off lead). This wouldn’t be half so bad if it didn’t drive the dog crazy trying to get to them – I no longer existed for her. So I gave up and bought her back. DFS tried another night and again, the cats followed and are too much for her. Now she’s started barking at people. I don’t know why. It’s happened twice but we haven’t been out much. I suspect (no idea what Im talking about here!) that it’s fear barking? as once was when we had a pair of joggers come up behind us and the other night it was two men walking behind us in the dark. SHe also barked at my nephew who was banging on the glass lounge door (and I know I shouldn’t say it but its easier if he stays away from her as he’s a nightmare and will not do as you ask -which includes not hitting my kids…)

On Friday night it was the first night of the L&DTC classes and I really liked it. I took DSL and DDJ with me expecting it to be on for an hour and it went for more like 3! I thought DFS was at home with Lexie so when others left to get back to their pups I thought I was ok – he was out. Poor girl was on her own all that time and missed toileting and her evening meal as I didn’t get in till gone 10. Back to the club; it seems really good. There were several classes enrolling that evening so there were a lot of people though half of them won’t be in our class. I’d also gone to the wrong venue (!) so when I got to the right one I was late and was a little confused with who was who and what was happening but we caught up. We will be starting with the puppy class this friday aiming for our Kennel club good citizen pet handlers award , then puppy award, leading to bronze, silver and gold. The club also offers classes in agility, flyball, competetive obedience, and heelwork to music. I’m excited but nervous. I asked about going to the obedience show they put on this weekend, I felt a little cheeky as it was my first night and I probably looked over eager but they were great. I went both satyrday and sunday. I wanted to be there early saturday but we had other things to do but DDJ and I went from 3 till 6 and on  sunday i only went to buy a few things. DFS came with me which was nice but had to get back to take DSL back to lancaster (he’s decided to stay home which I’m pleased about as long as he gets motivated!). Watching the comptetition made me more eager to learn to train Lexie but I don’t think I’ll ever be that good. they were there qualifying for crufts – can you imagine me at crufts? lol! I think I’ll stick with going to wednesdays at EGSC but will keep to show training and ask the trainer about other things I can do instead of obedience –  I think doing two obedience classes at the same time will be confusing with different paces and different methods.

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