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Breadmaking disaster…..

Posted by --- on Saturday 20 September, 2008

Ok this is embarrassing. My breadmaking escapades have hit a small snag. Well, not quite that small. I will explain.

After having made another successful loaf using my latest recipe, I left the breadmaker on top of the cooker to cool (yes, some of you are ahead of me…). I thought I’d put a pan of water on to boil for the runner beans I was picking from the garden. I turned on the halogen hob and continued preparing the dinner, not quite registering what the strange smell was. When the smell eventually filtered through from my nostrils to my brain I assumed there was something burning off the ring (happens occasionally). Then I realised my mistake. I’d turned on the wrong ring, the one under the breadmaker! Like an idiot, I picked up the breadmaker which only made things worse as huge thick trails of melted plastic poured from the bottom of the machine over the cooker. Most of the smoke was inside the closed machine.  I turned off the cooker, opened all the windows and turned the extractor on to full. As I opened the back door to let out the smoke that was now escaping out of the opened lid, Lexie shot outside scraping her nose with her paws – can you blame her?

Once it had cooled sufficiently, I tipped the machine on its side and plonked it in the garden.  There was a massive hole in the bottom of it. It took me hours to alternatley scrape and scrub the hob clean. Even after it looked clean it took a few days for the smell to go. Not only that but I have no breadmaker! DSK is most upset that I can no longer make his bread!

Am I a dipstick or what?!

2 Responses to “Breadmaking disaster…..”

  1. otrpu said

    Don’t beat yourself up so badly. . .stuff happens. My dear mother of 85 gets alittle confused. Takes a tupperware from the freezer to the stove top. Thought she put it in the microwave oven. When I was a lad of 12 or so. . .we didn’t have central heating. Cold mornings I’d get up and turn the 4 burners on the gas range on to help heat the kitchen alittle quicker. One morning I thought it odd. . .rotated 4 knobs. . .still had one left, so rotated it. Went into the water closet. All at once. . .KA Boom! And granny let out a yelp. I’d durned near kilt granny when that oven door exploded open with her a standing in front of it. Granny was OK, just alittle shocked and slightly bruised buttox & leg. Now darlin. . .I think I get the “dipstick” prize. God Bless Granny. . .I sure miss her cannin and a cookin. Granny was an itchy cook. . .made everything from scratch.

  2. twinsane said

    Thanks for that Otrpu. I’m so glad Granny was ok and I know I shouldn’t laugh but it did bring a smile to my face 🙂 We all do something crazy at one time or another don’t we? I just seem to do it more often than others 😮 I think the “Dipstick Prize” will have to be like a cup. You can have it for a year and I’ll take it for this year, Just off the top of my head I remember that I’ve melted the breadmaker and planted a whole bed of the wrong onions this year alone… 😉

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