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Breadmaking starts again!

Posted by --- on Monday 29 September, 2008

After my mishap earlier this month, I have been looking to get another breadmaker. I haven’t tried lots of different machines but was quite happy with the resuts of my last one (morphy richards 41210). Being concerened that trying a new brand would leave me disappointed, I continued to look at morphy richards models. My only problem with my last one (until I cooked it that is!) was it’s size. It was quite a long machine so I wanted something a little smaller.  I continued looking on ebay and was considering buying a 48280 when a 48285 was listed with a buy it now. I’m not sure what the difference is between the two models but it was within travelling distance, around the going price and looked in good condition so I bought it on Saturday.

The lady was lovely and DSK and I fetched in Sunday morning. DSK was bouncing up and down it DFS’s van he was so pleased we’d got another! By tea time we’d eaten the first loaf and I must say it was cracking! I really missed the smell of baking bread. I used the recipe from the Bread Improver packet using Asda’s own flour and yeast and it turned out great. I made another as soon as the machine had cooled using a hovis bread mix and was just as happy with that.  It’s lovely to have a bread machine back again! I can only compare the mod

els I’ve used which have all been morphy richards and I’m not what you’d call a baker but I’m pleased with the results and so are the family. My two problems are slicing it (I’ve bought a cheap electric knife which is tons easier than trying to slice it with an ordinary bread knife) and the size. The bread is gone after doing us all a sandwich! I also find it annoying that the kneading blade gets stuck either in the bread or in the pan. I’m wondering if I can watch the cycle and see if there is a stage I can remove it at before it cooks – I dont think so but will try it when I’ve made a few loaves.

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