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Posted by --- on Tuesday 7 October, 2008

I’ve decided to make lots of smaller posts of updates.

Ok Kids…

DSL is back home with us. I’m really pleased to have him here and don’t really discuss the issue of him going away. But already it is causing problems. He needs a bomb to get motivated. DFS is understandably frustrated at going to work to do a job he can’t stand to keep DSL (who incidently is a step son to him) in bed all day – literally. DSL is playing games most of the night, either on his laptop, ps3 or xbox live and will then spend all day (until tea time most days) in bed.  He will come down to get food or go to the toilet some evenings (if he’s in which mostly he is) and then go back upstairs. Some nights his friends are here too. He often eats half the food that has been purchased for DFS, DDJ and DSK’s lunches as night time snacks and has polished off any beer we’ve had in the house. It has caused rows already as DFS is getting more and more angry but instead of telling DSL, he is kicking off with me threatening to leave if DSL doesn’t get a job etc. I’ve told DSL who say’s he will get a job but then he sleeps all day. I’ve tried getting him out of bed but most of the time he wont.

DDJ is now settled at her new school. In the final year of junior school she has changed to a different one and I had plenty of reservations about it.  In the end I decided if she was really unhappy in her old school then things couldn’t be worse and her old school explained that she could return.  As it stands now, she would never consider it. She has small responsibilities at this school that she is happy with. She has jumped for level 6 reading to level 13 after an assessment. She is over the moon that this school think her hand writing is good enough to use pen as her old school made her use pencil. There are a million little reasons that make her happy at her new school and as far as I am concerned, being happy in school will make all the difference to her confidence, her learning and growth so I am happy too.  It is parents evening tomorrow so we can see how her teacher feels but we think she’s doing great! She has also started going to the local girl guides which she seems to enjoy too. After one week there she had a weekend camping trip at Beaudesert. A quick search on google bought this site up with pictures of guides at this camp site 50 years ago! Unlike DSK, she couldn’t wait to go which made it easier to let her go, although I still missed her like crazy! She was only away for the weekend and went with her friend and neighbour. There were only a few girls but she thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next one.

DSK has stayed at the other school. We discussed it and left the decision with him and he decided after a trial day that he would rather stay where he was. DSK has recently returned from a camping trip to Standon Bowers. It was really hard to let him go especially as he didn’t want to. He is a homeboy at heart and hates staying anywhere else. We’ve had to go and fetch him back from relatives homes he’s gone to visit! He told me the morning he was leaving that he didn’t want to go, it took every bit of will power I had to stand on the edge of the road smiling and waving him off instead of bursting in to tears. Knowing he didn’t want to go and that he was only going because I’d pushed him to be with the rest of his year, I had all these scary recollections of motorway coach accidents running through my head. I@m sure it was his negativity rubbing off on me and guilt that it was my fault he was going when he didnt want to.  I could see he really didn’t want to be on the coach and as he gave a little smile back I had a terrible feeling of dread. I cried on the way home then made myself think straight and pull myself together.  Surely he would enjoy it once he was there and it would have been horrible for him to be the only one in his year not to go. How left out would he have felt when they all came back and he wouldn’t be able to join in the talks, share the experiences, and – as I’m sure they will – cover the topics learnt at school? I thought about him constantly all week and was clock watching for hours on the day he was due back. I think he enjoyed it although he hasn’t said much. He certainly wasn’t as full of tales as I thought he’d be so maybe, he didn’t really like it but doesn’t want to say.   At least he went though and for the first time ever, he spent a whole week away from home. He hugged me whenever he had chance when he came home but it didn’t take him long to turn on the black box (Ps3) and pick up a pad…. He still gave me cuddles whenever he walked past me. Like DDJ he has stopped going to Aikido. I was a little disappointed as he seemed to be doing well but he didn’t like the new Senseis that were training him. DDJ said one of them had hurt her and she wouldn’t go back. DSK didn’t feel happy with the new sensei and wouldn’t go on his own. DFS wanted to go and talk to the sensei that was training them originally to explain why they’d stopped going as he was really nice but so far, he hasn’t got around to it.

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