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Wrist problems and worries

Posted by --- on Friday 10 October, 2008

Since my CBT on Saturday my left wrist has been very painful. It hurts to twist, bend, lift or put pressure on. I do suffer with an “unusual form of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”. No idea why its so unusual except that they struggled to get my symptoms and test results to match the criteria! I’m assuming the 9 hours of clutch changes took their toll. I’m not sure if I need to strengthen the wrist or if I’ll not be able to ride a geared bike.  DFS is of the opinion that I wont be riding for long periods so it won’t be a problem and by the time I’m riding more, my wrist will be stronger – quite good logic for him! At the moment it isn’t a problem as I haven’t been out on a bike since Monday and if I do, I don’t have gears.

DFS has been out a couple of times on his. He took it for a ride with my bro a couple of nights ago. I wasn’t impressed as I think he needs some practice and probably solo practice until he’s used to the bike. I think he’ll either try to keep up, or feel that he needs to push himself more so that he doesn’t look the noobie rider. He only passed his test Monday so he is! He came back and said he was nervous while he was out. He also admitted that he’s not sure he’s done the right thing by having and riding a supersport bike as he will be tempted to push his own limits and will hurt himself. I said that he needed to be careful but I suppose it’s easier said than done. It now makes me feel awful whenever he says hes going out. His alarm broke yesterday so he can’t ride it as the immobilser and siren kicks in but that wont take the garage long to repair and he’ll be out and I’ll be clockwatching for his return

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