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Farm shop bargains

Posted by --- on Monday 20 October, 2008

Popped in to the farm shop today to get some potatoes and found some other bargains. This cabbage has to be the biggest I’ve seen. You wont see one that big in Asda! I was trying not to be greedy and picked a medium one but the old  farmers shouted “what are ya doin lass? If you’re gonna have one of em, pick a bloody big un. Here av this un!” and passed me one of the biggest ones there. It weighs a ton and cost …. 50p. The cauli was 60p and the marrow (yippee. Wine!) was 75p. The other farm shop I went in  – no I dont shop there – sold caulis at 75p per 1b. They also sold “homemade” jams that had an address up north somewhere.

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