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Archive for October 29th, 2008

Marrow wine made

Posted by --- on Wednesday 29 October, 2008

Roll on 2010 when hopefully this will taste as good as my 2006 batch! After sitting and looking at my farm shop bargain 75p 2.3kg marrow for a week, I finally got around to making my wine tonight. The recipe is from my winemaking bible, C.J.J. Berry’s First Steps in Winemaking, I  can’t remember how I prepared the marrow for the wine I made in 2006 but this time I used the v-slicer to “grate” it. I think it should work. I also think that the ginger was a little old, the last time I made it it was very smelly (I don’t like ginger!) but this time I couldn’t smell anything. I hope I remember to do it right this time and not leave it and forget about it for an extra few days like I normally do!

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Bike repairs continue

Posted by --- on Wednesday 29 October, 2008

MY GN125 still seems to be having problems. It doesnt idle evenly, will rev up on its own and cut out too. It stinks of fuel, the plug is sooty black and yet we have turned the mixture screw right down. So far we have replaced the plug, had a new  diaphragm fitted in the carb (£35), had a new carb (£56) and a new inlet rubber (£16). It is gradually improving but still not perfect. It needs a new fuel tap now too – must go and order one – done! As with gardening, I am feeling way too cold to go outside and mess with it though!

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