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Wrist problems and worries

Posted by --- on Friday 10 October, 2008

Since my CBT on Saturday my left wrist has been very painful. It hurts to twist, bend, lift or put pressure on. I do suffer with an “unusual form of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”. No idea why its so unusual except that they struggled to get my symptoms and test results to match the criteria! I’m assuming the 9 hours of clutch changes took their toll. I’m not sure if I need to strengthen the wrist or if I’ll not be able to ride a geared bike.  DFS is of the opinion that I wont be riding for long periods so it won’t be a problem and by the time I’m riding more, my wrist will be stronger – quite good logic for him! At the moment it isn’t a problem as I haven’t been out on a bike since Monday and if I do, I don’t have gears.

DFS has been out a couple of times on his. He took it for a ride with my bro a couple of nights ago. I wasn’t impressed as I think he needs some practice and probably solo practice until he’s used to the bike. I think he’ll either try to keep up, or feel that he needs to push himself more so that he doesn’t look the noobie rider. He only passed his test Monday so he is! He came back and said he was nervous while he was out. He also admitted that he’s not sure he’s done the right thing by having and riding a supersport bike as he will be tempted to push his own limits and will hurt himself. I said that he needed to be careful but I suppose it’s easier said than done. It now makes me feel awful whenever he says hes going out. His alarm broke yesterday so he can’t ride it as the immobilser and siren kicks in but that wont take the garage long to repair and he’ll be out and I’ll be clockwatching for his return


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lots of updates, motorbike section

Posted by --- on Tuesday 7 October, 2008

Yes, you read it right; motorbike section. So where did this come from? Well for me it started just before Christmas after I was 16 some 20+ years ago. I wanted transport. I wanted independence. I wanted a bike! I went to the local shop and set my heart on a Honda H100. I talked to mom and dad and they agreed to be guarantors and pay the deposit as a Christmas present.  In those days it was simple. You got a licence with a motorcycle entitlement and as long as the bike was under a 125cc, was taxed, MOT’d and insured you could get on it and ride it. Christmas morning was cold and the recent snow had turned to semi-frozen, grey and brown slush. Unhappy as my parents were with me riding it, my dad taught me about the gears in the driveway at the back of our house and later that day I was off! I came back cold, wet and happy. I rode my bike for several months in all weathers until some gits stole it in the summer, raced it around and dumped it in a local lake. The police found it, dragged it out and gave it back to me. It was dented, parts were broken or pulled off,  it was scratched, muddy, covered in weeds and the engine, and brakes etc had seized. I kept it on the back yard at the flat I now lived in and did the only thing I could; it was scrapped. I had a minimal pay out from the insurance (as I’d actually still got my bike it was minimal too!) and continued to pay for it for three years.  Up until about 2 weeks ago, I hadn’t sat on a bike since.

Then about three months (might be more, I’m terrible at guessing time) ago, DFS came home with this…

I can’t say I was happy. He hadn’t passed his test, we were supposed to be cutting down and he’d spent all of the money we’d had on fishing gear. Then he goes and gets finance on this! Ok, so it’s a lovely looking machine, it sounds awesome but I’m convinced he has got the wrong personality for a bike. He is too aggressive and impatient. He knows I am really really unhappy about it (its a long story), he thinks it will be great and we’ll be off “cruising”. What about the kids and the dog I think? Plus there is no way I’m getting on the back with him in control. Then there’s my size (and his!), I’m way to big to be a pillion passenger – between us we just about manage to be under the limit to be on it.  I don’t fancy it much. It’s also been expensive so far;  CBT £100, lessons £400, helmet £150, jacket £100, retest £80, retest £80, retest bike hire/instructor time fee £60, one week off work £600 (? hard to say, self-employed). So it hasn’t been cheap. He still needs more clothes (boots etc), the bike was a couple of grand, then the insurance, mot, tax etc and its a summer hobby (in the UK? Summer?!). Then there’s my gear and then the kids too! While all this is happening my brother also gets a bike and passes his test.  DFS and my brother want me to pass my bike test and join them. I have no confidence but to make the effort, I booked my motorbike theory test which I passed last Wednesday (01/10/08) and DFS suggested I book my CBT which I did.

My friend and neighbour bought a bike and passed her CBT on a scooter last year but unfortunately came off it and lost all confidence. To help her I dug DSL’s scooter out of the garage. Now remember I haven’t rode for 20 odd years so I took the bull by the horns (or bike by the handlebars) and took it up the road and back on my own. It was scary. Our reasonable lenght street suddenly became too short to manoeuvre and stop in. I felt I was surely going way too fast to be able to control this machine so tearing my eyes away from the road ahead for the briefest nanosecond, I glance at the speedo – not even 15 mph! And I thought I was speeding! I also felt terrified if a car came close – as in, the same road; I feel exposed on a pushbike! This had an engine too and you have to sit in the middle of the road! So I go up and down a few times and when my neighbour comes out she assumes I’m ready. As she is so scared, I could hardly tell her I’m a wreck too can I? We go out and the next night I follow her around the estate. She is nervous and lacks some road sense but to be honest, I felt she was more confident than I was and I was supposed to be helping her! At least she’d had some tuition on a bike. I just had my dad show me gears in the slush and I taught myself the rest. There were a few things I needed to learn (like how to stop at junctions etc! nothing major of course…!) and she needs practice and confidence. DFS repairs the scooter (replace mudguard (£80), it flies it’s mot, we tax and insure it. The insurance stipulate that I pass my CBT.

Then DFS surprises me with a bike too! I am now the owner of a 1997 Suzuki GN 125. It has sat for around 2 years and is desperate for some tlc. For starters it wouldn’t run. DFS spent a day or two cleaning bits, taking bits off and putting them back on, charging the battery etc until it did start but it was running terribly.  We stripped the back end for me to treat and hammerite the rusty parts. The rear carrier, suspension etc was brown so thats been rubbed with wire wool. The battery was dead so it’s had a new one (£23), it needed a new mirror and tacho cable which I bought from wemoto whom I’d recommend. It needed a bulb in the rev counter which only cost a couple of pounds and we’re waiting for the new front tyre to come back from the garage (£68). We think that’s all it needs for it’s MOT but it won’t idle evenly at all. In fact after getting it started we found that it often wouldn’t fire so a  neighbour suggested a new spark plug (£4.78) which worked a treat. The old one looked fine but we’ve been told that the ceramic can crack inside and cause arcing. We’ve drained the old fuel and put clean new fuel in, and also taken the air filter out, cleaned that in petrol and re-oiled it. It’s still running rough and it’s very difficult to regulate the revs. Sometimes they’re so low it’s stalling and at others it revs to 4 or 5 thousand on it’s own. We’ve bought a manual but neither of us are confident stripping the carb as we don’t have a replacement so it’s going to a bike mechanic this Friday.

While we’ve been doing this I went and did my CBT on Saturday with Bikewise. I’d recommend them highly as the instructors (especially ours though I may be biased) are patient, understanding and very good teachers. It was a long (9 hours training!) cold day. Every so often it would rain. I was crap! To be honest I was expecting to be better than I was and was really embarrassed at my lack of skills. I could not control the bike. I couldn’t get the hang of the bite at all and stalled almost every time I pulled off as I kept my foot on the brake too long. When trying to stop in a controlled manner (ahem!) I was repeating front brake, back brake, clutch, stop in my head and then not applying enough pressure to the brakes and then putting my feet down in a desperate attempt to stop the bike! Forget gears; I can’t think that fast! How the hell do I get about in my car?! After this fun part came the crazy figure 8’s and U turns. No matter how often I did it I couldn’t get the hang of opening the throttle up loads, getting the bite and controlling the speed with the back brake whilst doing a figure 8. In all fairness I would not be able to do it in a straight line! If I felt like I was losing the bike, I let go of the throttle. I was trying to control the speed of the bike by the throttle and my instructor, bless him with his endless patience, would explain it all again. He’d tell me that the throttle did not relate to speed which was controlled by the clutch and rear brake. I did tell him that I understood what he was telling me to do (he is a good teacher) but try as I might, my hands and feet wouldn’t do it! He (i’m sure to give me confidence) said that he’d been watching me and on occasion I had done it and only needed practice – I told you he was a star. I wasn’t controlled enough for the figure 8’s either and couldn’t get the hang of watching the cone not my hands. I kept almost crashing. We had little time to get through everything so once we knew what we were supposed to do, we had to move on.  I had every sympathy for our instructor as he had 3 pupils to teach for the day. One seemed to me to be doing brilliant but obviously lacked confidence as was proven by his refusal to go out on the road at the end of the day. The other spent most of the time convinced she couldn’t do any of it and on the verge of giving up and me who was willing to give any of it a go but was failing miserably! The poor guy, as I said, had tons of patience and said he would stay as long as we wanted until we could do it or wanted to go home but light would soon be against us and we’d barely covered the CBT criteria.  At the end of the day, knowing it would be dark soon, he gave us the option of going on the road. Scared as I was, I asked if he thought we were capable and he assured me that he wouldn’t suggest it if he didn’t think so.  Although I wanted to avoid it, I knew it would either be a postponement or a waste of his and my time if I didn’t. I agreed. It was a long couple of hours. As I said, one of us dropped out and the other poor student was nervous of any speed. We weren’t really doing high speeds but it does feel quicker on a bike doesn’t it. The problem was the danger of doing less than 20mph on a 50mph road. Anyway, at the end he gave me my certificate to tell me I’d passed. I feel more nervous than ever about being on the road now I know how I should be riding – how many lifesaver looks?! – I’m surprised I had as few encounters as I did all those years ago.  I have been out again (last night) on the scooter as my neighbour was itching to go out but I didn’t really like it. I was thrown all over the place with every bump, I can’t seem to steer properly and over or under steer all the time. I still don’t brake properly and I don’t feel safe at all! Thank goodness it’s an automatic. Considering I normally drive a Disco the same as the one on the right, which is like driving a tank (not that I’d know) it’s not surprising I feel a little exposed! I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of this throttle, feather clutch, rear brake malarchy and dread going out on the 125. I will though but don’t worry, you’re all safe. I will be taking it to the industrial estate when everyone has gone home and will practice on there.

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lots of updates! kids section

Posted by --- on Tuesday 7 October, 2008

I’ve decided to make lots of smaller posts of updates.

Ok Kids…

DSL is back home with us. I’m really pleased to have him here and don’t really discuss the issue of him going away. But already it is causing problems. He needs a bomb to get motivated. DFS is understandably frustrated at going to work to do a job he can’t stand to keep DSL (who incidently is a step son to him) in bed all day – literally. DSL is playing games most of the night, either on his laptop, ps3 or xbox live and will then spend all day (until tea time most days) in bed.  He will come down to get food or go to the toilet some evenings (if he’s in which mostly he is) and then go back upstairs. Some nights his friends are here too. He often eats half the food that has been purchased for DFS, DDJ and DSK’s lunches as night time snacks and has polished off any beer we’ve had in the house. It has caused rows already as DFS is getting more and more angry but instead of telling DSL, he is kicking off with me threatening to leave if DSL doesn’t get a job etc. I’ve told DSL who say’s he will get a job but then he sleeps all day. I’ve tried getting him out of bed but most of the time he wont.

DDJ is now settled at her new school. In the final year of junior school she has changed to a different one and I had plenty of reservations about it.  In the end I decided if she was really unhappy in her old school then things couldn’t be worse and her old school explained that she could return.  As it stands now, she would never consider it. She has small responsibilities at this school that she is happy with. She has jumped for level 6 reading to level 13 after an assessment. She is over the moon that this school think her hand writing is good enough to use pen as her old school made her use pencil. There are a million little reasons that make her happy at her new school and as far as I am concerned, being happy in school will make all the difference to her confidence, her learning and growth so I am happy too.  It is parents evening tomorrow so we can see how her teacher feels but we think she’s doing great! She has also started going to the local girl guides which she seems to enjoy too. After one week there she had a weekend camping trip at Beaudesert. A quick search on google bought this site up with pictures of guides at this camp site 50 years ago! Unlike DSK, she couldn’t wait to go which made it easier to let her go, although I still missed her like crazy! She was only away for the weekend and went with her friend and neighbour. There were only a few girls but she thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next one.

DSK has stayed at the other school. We discussed it and left the decision with him and he decided after a trial day that he would rather stay where he was. DSK has recently returned from a camping trip to Standon Bowers. It was really hard to let him go especially as he didn’t want to. He is a homeboy at heart and hates staying anywhere else. We’ve had to go and fetch him back from relatives homes he’s gone to visit! He told me the morning he was leaving that he didn’t want to go, it took every bit of will power I had to stand on the edge of the road smiling and waving him off instead of bursting in to tears. Knowing he didn’t want to go and that he was only going because I’d pushed him to be with the rest of his year, I had all these scary recollections of motorway coach accidents running through my head. I@m sure it was his negativity rubbing off on me and guilt that it was my fault he was going when he didnt want to.  I could see he really didn’t want to be on the coach and as he gave a little smile back I had a terrible feeling of dread. I cried on the way home then made myself think straight and pull myself together.  Surely he would enjoy it once he was there and it would have been horrible for him to be the only one in his year not to go. How left out would he have felt when they all came back and he wouldn’t be able to join in the talks, share the experiences, and – as I’m sure they will – cover the topics learnt at school? I thought about him constantly all week and was clock watching for hours on the day he was due back. I think he enjoyed it although he hasn’t said much. He certainly wasn’t as full of tales as I thought he’d be so maybe, he didn’t really like it but doesn’t want to say.   At least he went though and for the first time ever, he spent a whole week away from home. He hugged me whenever he had chance when he came home but it didn’t take him long to turn on the black box (Ps3) and pick up a pad…. He still gave me cuddles whenever he walked past me. Like DDJ he has stopped going to Aikido. I was a little disappointed as he seemed to be doing well but he didn’t like the new Senseis that were training him. DDJ said one of them had hurt her and she wouldn’t go back. DSK didn’t feel happy with the new sensei and wouldn’t go on his own. DFS wanted to go and talk to the sensei that was training them originally to explain why they’d stopped going as he was really nice but so far, he hasn’t got around to it.

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