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marrow wine step 2 – plus the rest

Posted by --- on Tuesday 4 November, 2008

It’s been 6 days today so I’m one day over the recipe recommendation – not bad for me. It’s taken all morning to strain the must using reducing sizes of filters. I’ve added the sugar and I estimate that about 1.5 gallon of must finally went in the bucket. I’m going to see if I have a grommet to fit an airlock and ferment it in the bucket. If not I’ll ask the lady on the market when I go later today to get the demijohns (used at £1 each). The SG is 1.110.

I’ve stirred the rosehip which smells gorgeous. I’ve just worked out how long they need to stay in the bucket for and I’ll need to transfer them the day after my birthday – my 40th (I’m dreading it. We have no cash so won’t be celebrating – commiserating – either).

I’ve finally boiled the dried peaches. They were supposed to be left for 12 hours and it’s been about 30. I gave a good mash too. The recipe didn’t say to do this but I thought I might get more flavour.  I left it to cool  bit while i went shopping. The lady on the market didn’t have any grommets or any used demijohns so I settled for a new lidded bucket, exchanged steves new boots (too small, wrong style) and came home. I then strained the peaches through a sterile old tea towel and left them to drip throught the towel while I cooked tea. Then the band holding the towel on the bucket snapped so I had to fish the lot out of the bucket and start again! It’s strained now so now it’s cooling overnight in readiness for the yeast tomorrow. I’ve found a bung I can use to adapt a bucket in the shed. It is the bung out of a plastic demijohn (which I can’t bring myself to use). I’ll drill a hole in the bucket lid and push it through.


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