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3 cigarettes, 1 match?

Posted by --- on Wednesday 5 November, 2008

Or, the saying that bad luck runs in threes and I had my third piece today

I have no luck with electrical items but what really upsets me is when things break that contain stuff I want to keep. Not that I was overly upset but back in July this year I bought a microwave – a KENWOOD KEN-CJ99SS – which looked lovely, had a very pretty display when cooking but:

  • it didn’t have half the features I wanted (like auto cooking joints of meat or baked potatoes nor being able to combo cook with any cooking option you want – unlike the sanyo!)
  • it was shiny brushed steel (?) and a lovely shiny black front which was constantly plastered in finger marks so you had to close the door with a towel to keep it clean!
  • and it stopped microwaving after 6 weeks… Curry’s gave me a store card but I want a Sanyo again and they  don’t stock them

Next is my DVD HDD recorder which stopped turning on just after Christmas last year when the hdd was full of films. Currys wouldn’t repair it because it is classed as a computer according to the really non-helpful woman on the phone.  I found one repair shop that wanted £80 to look at it and in the end found a localish electrical repair shop that fixed it for £30. It lasted about 3 months and now, not only does it not turn on but if it has power to it it knocks all the tv channels off! So that is disconnected and left on the lounge floor till I decide what to do with it.

This morning I decided to have a lazy day and watch the programs I’d recorded on SKY+ before someone records over them (am gutted I have no dvd recorder!) So I get coffee, blanket and snuggle down to watch River Cottage, turn on the machine, hit planner and get a message that I have no programs recorded. I back up and try again, and again. I turn off the machine, turn it on and try again – same thing. I power off at the mains, wait a minute or two and try again and still nothing. I’m wounded. So I dejectedly flick around the channels and an old series of River Cottage is on. Quick hit record! I get a message that playback and recording is not available and to ring Sky on *** insert number ***. So I do. And… the number doesn’t work – Argh!

I ring sky customer services, go through the menus (annoyed) then get the stupid message about looking on the web for help (which tells you nothing but still not as bad as the broadband technical support line that tells you to go online and look at the help section when you have no internet!) I then get a voice response thingy to “speed up my call” where you have to say your name etc, then finally get a human who asks me my name etc. So much for speeding up my call. She notes that the repair line number isn’t working but tells me that they are aware of it and trying to repair it. She tries a few things to fix the machine but I end up having to do a system reset. So I’ve lost the lot. The new RC, the new Two & 1/2 men, tons of documentaries and several films plus all the kids stuff. DDJ will cry when she knows we’ve lost all her High School Musicals!

Oh and the techy lady at Sky told me that it was purely my choice but that turning my machine off could damage my machine. I explained about environmental and financial issues and she reiterated that it was personal choice but it might break the sky box…

It’s just one of those years though for electrical items. The XBOX 360 developed the ring of death (thank you microsoft for your fast repair service), the kettle jacked in, the toaster jacked in, the dishwasher works but only wets the dishes leaving all the food in place, I cooked the breadmaker, the hoover stopped working and the electricity down the garden trips the meter when it rains.

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