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wine readings

Posted by --- on Wednesday 5 November, 2008

Added yeast and citric acid to peach wine. SG peach: 1.200+ (off scale)

Rosehip day 4: SG  1.060 (actually frothing it’s bubbling so much!) Continue to stir daily. It smells fantastic. I wish you could capture a scent! It doesn’t taste half bad either.

Nothing to do with the marrow wine now. Lid is convex so need to adapt it to fit air lock.

Nettle has slowed down way too much but is still very sweet. Will check SG and consider adding more yeast (?)

RIce & raisin and elderflower are in the shed and fermenting way too slowly. The rice & raisin was very dry the last time I checked, I haven’t checked the elderflower.

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