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Posted by --- on Thursday 6 November, 2008

Lexie is now 24 weeks old. She has finished teething and has all of her adult teeth which means that when she chews things now she can do real damage! She has always had a nibble on things she wasn’t supposed to. Our last dog chewed the edges of the table so we bought a very cheap set from Asda (£30). Lexie started off chewing the chairs. I bought some chew deterrent spray and gave it all a coat which left black stains wherever it touched. This week she has started chewing with gusto! She has plenty of chew toys; two large bones, a rubber type bone, a squeaky one, a soft teddy, a plastic milk bottle, to name a few. She has instead chewed the table legs, the chair legs, the wall, the door frame and the skirting board! Here is a slide showing some of the damage last month.

She only chews big things in the early hours of the morning as far as I can tell. If we go out at any time, she will chew but she will take something off the sides like a newspaper, letters or other paper-type things. She chews major items in between DFS going to work at 5-6am and me getting up at 7-8am. In fact this morning, DFS went at 7am and we were up at 8am but in that hour she chewed the table leg and the chair cross piece. This was in addition to the urine all over the floor which I had to clean up first and knocking over her water bowl right in front of the lounge door (it is kept on the other side of the kitchen so how she carried it across the room without spilling it I’ve no idea!) hence the damp patches.

I haven’t hit her for chewing (though I’ve been really tempted!) but when I come in I’m angry (  I was going to swear then…) and she knows it. When I’ve come in to a real mess (like the day I had my brand new Self-sufficiency book, I was reading it at the table and went upstairs to get the washing but when I came back down, she’d shredded it) I have shouted at her. She flattens herself in  her bed and cowers, literally behind the chair legs if she can and up against the wall.  I know she doesn’t understand why I’m shouting at her unless I catch her in the act but that is my reaction to my things being destroyed. Also, if she has chewed things I can tell as soon as I walk in because she hides in her bed. It’s not her reacting to me because I haven’t seen the mess at that point. Anyway, here is what she did this morning and believe me, the pictures don’t look anywhere near as bad as the real thing.

I suppose someone is going to tell me it’s separation anxiety so why doesn’t she do it when we go out or when we go to bed or go in the lounge or something?

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  1. […] in her Perfect Puppy Book that it is normal for dogs to chew between 7 and 12 months old. So I was wrong when I thought that she would chew while she was teething but apparently it will be after her new teeth are through. Gwen also said that dogs that are […]

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