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The chewing continues

Posted by --- on Friday 7 November, 2008

I ran into a friend the other day and was telling her about my dream of being self sufficient. She said she’d got a book I’d like and that she’d sort it out for me to read.  I’d started having a major clear out last night and when I came downstairs the book – Living the Good Life – was sitting on the table. I didn’t even open it, nor see who the author was last night. DFS rang this morning and said that he’d spent 5 minutes trying to get the dog to go to the toilet outside but she wouldn’t go, when I got up she’d flooded the kitchen with urine again. This had ran along the tiles and under the cupboards which it does all the time;. I can permanently smell dog wee in the kitchen now. Along with the dog wee on the floor was my friends book all torn to pieces. I lost it, I was shouting and she was cowing behind the table. I think back now and I know I shouldn’t have but it really annoys me when she destroys things, especially when it isn’t mine. I’ve reordered another book for my friend from Amazon. I don’t know what to do about her destroying things. This morning I would have rehomed her I was so annoyed. If she keeps it up I may still consider it. If she goes I will never have another dog as that would be four that we’ve rehomed. There was Ellie who we tried to keep for 4 years but she was, as the vet put it, psychotic, there was Molly who would not take to the kids even after 14 months and they ended up being terrified to walk into the same room as her if I wasn’t around, and there was Jess, who kept escaping and living on a main road was dangerous for her. I don’t know what to do about Lexie’s destructive behaviour.  She doesn’t seem to do it in the day or evening when we go out; only early in the morning before we get up. If I could fit a German shepherd sized crate anywhere in my house, I would try to crate her at night and put it outside out of the way each day but it would be a lot of messing about and no one would be able to get around the kitchen at night either.

It might not work even then though. Gwen Bailey in her Perfect Puppy Book that it is normal for dogs to chew between 7 and 12 months old. So I was wrong when I thought that she would chew while she was teething but apparently it will be after her new teeth are through. Gwen also said that dogs that are kenneled, hence restricting the natural chewing behaviour, don’t go through the normal chewing stage and so will probably always chew when the opportunity is available.  I’m stuck now, I can move items such as books – by the way, she takes items from off the work surfaces and the table – but I can’t do much about the structure of the room which she chews.

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