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I burnt myself :(

Posted by --- on Saturday 8 November, 2008

10 days ago I burnt myself on the breadmaker pan trying to shake a loaf out of it. It was sore but I didn’t think it was as bad as it was. The next day I developed a 4cm x 2.5cm blister. It popped and reblistered several times and continued to be sore. It was covered and had germolene on it but as it was close to my wrist, the covering kept getting wet or snagged on clothing. I took it off and it started to heal and dry out. Today it developed a crack across it which was quite sore.  The red/healing area is still around 4x2cm.  I redressed it with some more germolene to try to moisturise the cracked wound. Now it’s itching like crazy! It’s driving me mad. I thought I’d look up anything to soothe it on the web but failed.  Oh and here’s a tip. Don’t put burn crack itch into google unless of course… never mind, I’ll leave it with you.

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