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Youngs white wine kit

Posted by --- on Saturday 8 November, 2008

yesterday I bought a wine kit from WIlkinsons for £4.99. I am hoping to make it for Yule gifts. Reading the outside it said it contained grape juice concentrate and glucose syrup. Don’t believe them! I pulled the ring tab on the tin expecting nicely cartoned ingredients and almost spilt a vary full tin of gloop all over the place. I assume its the juice and syrup blended but not sure how much glucose is in it because I also had to add a sugar syrup. Inside  where the instructions are  – yep thanks for that it gives you a list of other items and ingredients you need, most of which I have but some of it I don’t such as potassoim sorbate and wine finings. I’m now wondering why this kit is faster than bunging a can/carton of grape concentrate in a demijohn with some water, sugar and yeast and leaving it to ferment. That’s all that I’ve done with this. I now need to leave it for 3 days then top the demijohn up with water. Anyone have any “fast” wine recipes that I can use to save buying these kits?

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