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Badger hit by car

Posted by --- on Sunday 9 November, 2008

DFS told me today that he saw someone in  a car hit a badger last night and they just carried on driving. He was several cars back all of the others carried on. He stopped but didn’t know what to do; he didn’t want to touch it but it looked dead and he was on his way to work. I looked it up today on the wildlife trust site and they recommend covering them and calling the RSPCA. I don’t know about you but I don’t didn’t happen to have the RSPCA number to hand but I have now looked up the RSPCA national number and put it in my mobile phone.

For those of you that would like it, it is 0300 1234 999

You can ring it for advice or if you suspect mistreatment of animals etc.

If I see you injure a protected animal I would have no qualms about reporting you. It’s not that I’m a “do gooder”. I see nothing wrong in culling pests or killing to eat meat but there is no reason to be cruel. There is no need for torment. Some animals are protected for a reason, hunting seasons are to enable management of some species but death for “fun” or just plain callousness or carelessness is needless. Aren’t we supposed to be the higher species?

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