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She isn’t shooting or scoring

Posted by --- on Sunday 9 November, 2008

Because I don’t have a gun! I couldn’t have done much practicing today due to the weather as it’s been tipping it down all day and it hasn’t been very warm but that isn’t the reason.  The woman whom neighbour M says is lending the gun isn’t answering the phone or the door so he can’t get it back. Neighbour M tried to sell us an M12 (??) instead but as I’d never heard of it – not that I know much about guns – nor could I find anything on the web, I declined. I want the Webley back especially after looking about on the web and reading reviews.

One Response to “She isn’t shooting or scoring”

  1. twinsane said

    It’s now Tuesday and still no gun. The woman is now supposedly in Ireland. Her landlord has told DFS that he is giving her 2 days to contact him or return otherwise he is reletting her home. I think she has sold the gun. She rang DFS to see why he’d rang her and as soon as he said about the gun, she said she had to go because of the cost of the call. Neighbour M said he’d go and see her parents but says he can’t get a reply from there either. As I said in another post, I am suspicious of people I think, but I have the impression that we wont see that gun again.

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