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She’s eating the furniture

Posted by --- on Sunday 9 November, 2008

RIght, I’m really fed up of Lexie destroying stuff and weeing everywhere. She’s chewed the front off the chair last night. I got up half asleep after everyone else, sat on said chair and got splinters in the backs of my legs. There was kitchen roll wedged up against the cupboards trying to suck the urine out from undereath. It’s not pleasant. I went and bought her two nylabones at £7 each! Yep £7 for a plastic bone, plus two cheapo boiled bones from the cheapo shop. I’m going to try leaving one on the floor when I go to bed and picking it up when i get up. I will rotate which ones she gets to attemt to stop her getting bored with it and chewing the table, chair, wall, door, doorframe, books, cooker, etc.

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