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K ill

Posted by --- on Monday 24 November, 2008


DSK is off school! This might seem a small thing to blog about but it’s the first day off he’s had since he was “in yellow class” as he puts it(or year one for the rest of us) and he’s now in his final year (6) at primary school. He must feel ill! I took his temp last night which was 102, he complained of a headache, sore throat, tummy ache and his eyes hurt. He wasn’t complaining of a stiff neck, had no rash nor was he photophobic (light sensitive) which might indicate meningitis. I gave him 500mg paracetamol followed by a honey drink to help with the sore throat and compensate for the paracetamol and asked him to remove the extra clothing he was wearing because he felt cold. It was a battle to get him to have the paracetamol. When his stubborn side kicks in he’s a real pain. Afterwards, he was taking his own temperature so that he could see the effect of his treatment. My reasoning was that if he could see his temperature coming down as well as feeling the pain go away, it wouldn’t be so much of a battle for the next tablet – it didn’t work. I’ve no need to be concerned that we’ll go over the maximum dosage of 2g per day (4 tablets) he flatly refused the first 1g and had to be cajoled, bribed and threatened!
Ok, I threw in some scientific stuff here about fevers, homeostasis, negative feedback and the lipid nature of cells but decided to delete it. I’m sure if you really want to read about that type of stuff, you can look it up on the internet, get a book from the library or email me for some of my old homework!

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