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Two rings in one year!

Posted by --- on Monday 22 December, 2008

Quick post – to be improved later!
first ring of death (rod) was green and on my xbox 360. lovely Microsoft, repaired and returned with no hassle and little waiting.
2nd ring was blue and was last night. went to get phone when i went to bed; the  lights were on but no one was in as the saying goes but this time literally! There were blue lights around the keys and the camera lense and a red light on the power button but the phone was unresponsive. Tried this morning – same result. removed battery, sim, memory, cleaned and replaced; repeated but no joy. I googled it and discovered BROD or the blue ring of death.
Read that there was a fix using sony’s update so I tried seus – sony ericson update service – and hit a problem: cannot download due to security zone policy? on firefox? another google and I discover a bug so I have to reset the Internet explorer settings that i’d increased due to regular attacks/trojans/popups despite not using the bloody software – another post.
I can then download seus. I  follow the instructions on screen but the phone is not recognised. Thanks again google! I then discover that i need to plug the phone usb into the computer not via usb hub. Ta-da! Phone recognised and currently updating. fingers crossed folks. i can’t not have a phone over yule!
okay, I was typing this and heard the noise xp makes when a device has been unplugged. I went to the update software window and it was showing the starting screen, I looked at the phone and it was dead. I tried to turn it on but got nothing. I unplugged it from usb and reconnected power in case the battery was dead but nothing. I disconnected and removed/ returned the battery and still nothing. I reconnected power started typing this and looked at the phone to see it had a bar going across the screen with “please wait” above it. now it’s gone off… now what?! I’ll try turning it on again. It says please wait in a blue square with a full bar below it. what’s it doing? I need coffee…

it’s turned on.. its lost everything. no contacts, no messages nothing. my best friend moved house and sent me her new phone number and contacts. another friend sent me new number last week – i’m gutted…

two lessons from this

first – back up your phone!

second – don’t buy sony ericsson. this is my first sony phone. have always hated the look of them but wanted the blogging feature – which doesn’t work on this phone/network for some reason and the customer services at orange uk haven’t heard of blogging… but still i’m stuck with this phone for 18 months.

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Twilighters – Bella (15/12/08)

Posted by --- on Monday 15 December, 2008

You are observant, diplomatic and often aim to please. You are unaware of your
attractiveness and despite being uncomfortable with any form of attention, people enjoy your company. You can be impatient, stubborn and headstrong, but you are true to your  word and mature for your age, often taking care of your family and enjoying a good book over chatting with girlfriends on the phone.

I'm a Bella! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
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no hair washing experiment ends.

Posted by --- on Monday 8 December, 2008

Couldn’t stand the greasy hair anymore – fed up of wearing hats and really enjoyed having bubbles when i washed it! i tried to use as little shampoo as possbible but had to wash it twice to get through grease and even then it could have done with more shampoo. the water that was rinsing it was also dirty 😦 so not sure that it would have taken care of itself in the end.

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No hair washing day 9

Posted by --- on Saturday 6 December, 2008

i don’t think my hair is as greasy as it was although it’s still very greasy and I’m still embarrassed about it. I wear a hat and it’s up in a pony tail. I’m going to repeat the wash and herbal rinse tonight

I read herbwifes post afterwards and i made bicarb solution too strong tonight – will reduce next time. I made it 1tsp per pt instead of 1/2 tsp;

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turkey curry

Posted by --- on Saturday 6 December, 2008


Made an ettempt at turkey curry – made lots of changes in last minute. Added 2 more tbsp mild curry powder, added 1 tsp cumin – will find recipe soon and post it

made mixed jam jam tarts and blueberry jam jam tarts with pastry made for pies on sunday

day 6 (&?) no hair washing. hair is so greasy it looks and feels wet. Have taken to wearing a wooly hat if I go out. Thank goodness it’s cold enough to wear one or I’d look a complete idiot. I still brush every day with a natural bristle brush but I am rapidly losing faith that this is going to work.

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after the first natural wash

Posted by --- on Thursday 4 December, 2008

washing” hair didn’t seem to do anything. I wasn’t sure if it was greasy or wet when i went to bed. It’s greasy…

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christmas lights switch on

Posted by --- on Wednesday 3 December, 2008

DSK came home tonight and asked if it was ok for him (and us) to go to the local village christmas light switch on. He has joined the choir and they were going to sing some carols. We went last year when DSJ was in the choir. On a side note, she has opted out of being Mary this year at her new school. This is  her biggest part ever as she was always a sheep or something similar at her old school. She is worried because she struggles with her words and stammers sometimes. BAck to DSK, I couldn’t say no to him but wasn’t in the mood. We went at 10 to 6 and were the first there, suggesting we’d got the wrong time, day or any other excuse to go back home. Then someone else turned up and we had to stand about. It was awful. We didn’t know the words, it was in an odd key for me so was either too high or too low and it was absolutely freezing. At 20 to 7 the teached said we were singing the last carol; hoorah, they’d turn on the lights and we’d go home but no. He announces that we’ll sing jingle bells for the second time whilst walking to the church.  Last year, we sang, turned on the lights and then people went on to the church for a drink and something to eat. This year it was backwards. I’d been in the middle of cooking tea when I’d came out; leaving instructions for DSL to finish it off. So, much to DSK’s disappointment, we came home. Thankfully and in a very unexpected moment of thoughfullness, DFS turned up to fetch us in the car. I was frozen and we didn’t even get to see the lights!

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No hair washing day 6

Posted by --- on Wednesday 3 December, 2008

day 6 (&?) no hair washing. hair is so greasy it looks and feels wet. If I brush it, it sleeks together and sticks to my head in a sheet. It’s horrible. Have taken to wearing a wooly hat if I go out. Thank goodness it’s cold enough to wear one or I’d look a complete idiot. The rest of the time it’s in a pony tail. I still brush every day with a natural bristle brush but I am rapidly losing faith that this is going to work.

Looked at the herbwife kitchen’s site and decided to have a shower and “wash” hair with bicarb solution with a rosemary, sage and vinegar rinse.  Can’t really wash with bicarb solution. Poured on head and rubbed but didn’t really feel like I was washing it – I miss bubbles! I rinsed with the vinegar and herb rinse expecting the vinegar to cut through the grease but I don’t think it did.

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soap and toasted sandwiches

Posted by --- on Tuesday 2 December, 2008

Made oats, milk & honey soap today

Walked up to asda in the freezing cold to fetch a sandwich toaster (£4.95) as DDj wants ham and red sauce toasted sandwiches for school. Made them all toasted sandwiches. DDJ had ham, DSK had liver sausage and DFS had corned beef

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