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christmas lights switch on

Posted by --- on Wednesday 3 December, 2008

DSK came home tonight and asked if it was ok for him (and us) to go to the local village christmas light switch on. He has joined the choir and they were going to sing some carols. We went last year when DSJ was in the choir. On a side note, she has opted out of being Mary this year at her new school. This is  her biggest part ever as she was always a sheep or something similar at her old school. She is worried because she struggles with her words and stammers sometimes. BAck to DSK, I couldn’t say no to him but wasn’t in the mood. We went at 10 to 6 and were the first there, suggesting we’d got the wrong time, day or any other excuse to go back home. Then someone else turned up and we had to stand about. It was awful. We didn’t know the words, it was in an odd key for me so was either too high or too low and it was absolutely freezing. At 20 to 7 the teached said we were singing the last carol; hoorah, they’d turn on the lights and we’d go home but no. He announces that we’ll sing jingle bells for the second time whilst walking to the church.  Last year, we sang, turned on the lights and then people went on to the church for a drink and something to eat. This year it was backwards. I’d been in the middle of cooking tea when I’d came out; leaving instructions for DSL to finish it off. So, much to DSK’s disappointment, we came home. Thankfully and in a very unexpected moment of thoughfullness, DFS turned up to fetch us in the car. I was frozen and we didn’t even get to see the lights!

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