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Ebay woes – what a con!

Posted by --- on Thursday 20 August, 2009

What are they up to?  I haven’t sold anything on Ebay since DFS reluctantly sold his CBR due to cash flow problems and that was bad enough – restricted paypal account, etc .

I’ve now decided to have a clear out. A) because I am sick of all this clutter. It gets to you. Every room is the same but thats another post in itself, and B) to generate a bit of cash now that even our child support has been stopped (yet another post). So, to start off  I have 6 items to sell on ebay using turbo lister.

I ‘m selling a rotovator, cash on collection because I don’t want to pay insertion fees, and final value fees and paypal fees on top. Ebay says no… you can’t have cash on collection as a payment method. Why not? They get their percentage out of the insertion and final value fee. Why should I have to wait – again – for paypal which has restrictions on it because I’ve sold over £1000 – the bike.. Why am I forced to use this payment method and give them yet anothe slice of the cake?

I wanted to put a book on there. It is a heavy, hardbacked, cookery book. It needs to be sent as a parcel which starts at £4.41. I put the postage as £4.50. Ebay says no… you can’t have postage of over £2.75 for anything in this category. I was selling the £12 book , brand new  for 99p! It’s heavy to post. I offered collection as an option- but obviously not cash on collection. It would have cost me to sell it. I’m not selling it now.

I had a coat to sell. It was in the womens clothing section under jackets. Ebay says no… you can’t advertise it in that category! It’s a ladies jacket. What category is it supposed to be in?! I just kept changing it and resetting it to the same category and in the end it went through.

I have another book to sell. Ebay said no… (oh good grief!) you can’t have a cheque or postal order as a payment option anymore. Only electronic payment methods – i.e. PAYPAL! WHICH EBAY OWN! All of the auctions had cheque, postal order, bankers draft, cash on collection, direct bank transfer etc and it decides it doesn’t like this one.

I was going to start an irrate thread on the community forums in particular about ebay setting limits on the postage and packaging for a book  (when I can find auctions for 01p with £20.99 postage?!) but found people on there complaining of forced free postage and packaging. How can they do that?! It wouldn’t be so bad if Ebay compensated  the p&p but expecting sellers to pay ebay for the privaledge of selling items and cover the costs of sending it themselves is ridiculous! The reason I don’t sell on Amazon is because I don’t see how I could cover the cost of posting my heavy books (all of my nursing, psychology etc books weigh a ton!) and now ebay are doing it. I’d rather give them away than give Ebay the profits.  At the end of the day, Ebay is a service we pay for! They shouldn’t be dictating the details such as how much it costs to post etc. I know people get conned all the time but buyers have options. If you think that £20 is extortionate for the postage then you don’t have to buy it. Sellers aren’t being given  choices (just look at the feedback system now where you can’t leave negative feedback as a seller) . Ebay are telling me that if I want to sell my book through them, I have to cover £2. of the postage myself and make a loss of £1 and that’s before they take out their insertion fee and final value fee! Oh yes, and you can bet your backside that paypal will take a percentage of the full fee paid through them which will, of course, include p&p… I’m sure there must be some trading standard organisation that can see they are taking major advantage of their monopolisation.

If I could find a competitive auction site I would swap. Anyone recommend a good one in the UK? I looked at CQ Out but I found it hard to reduce the search options* (apologies for terrible english and spelling, i’m really tired now) so ended up with 5900 ads to trawl through when I just wanted to see what hatching eggs were on there just to see what range of items were for sale. Come on google or any of the other big players. Make some competition please!

*Narrow my search! That’s the phrase I was looking for. I think I should go to bed now. Night.


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