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decorating begins

Posted by --- on Friday 25 June, 2010

Gutted, I’ve been saving a diary using onenote and I opened the program today and it’s lost the last few days! Stupid computer!

Slept bad again last night. Gone 4 am when I finally went to sleep; I haven’t managed to stay in bed for more than 5 hours for months. I don’t sleep longer than an hour either (two if I’m very lucky). Heartburn is driving me nuts so I’ve been taking ranitidine for a week or more but I’m not sure it’s doing much. I’m already taking fexofenadine hydrochloride to help me breath and you have to take those 2 hours either side of heartburn tablets. I often forget to take one before 10 which means I have to wait and they both only last up to 12 hours. Emphasis on up to as they don’t last that long at all. I’ve also been suffering with this tooth. I know it’s mainly my fault as I had it filled at the hospital over a year ago and haven’t been to a dentist since. I wish I could control this fear! It hit me today though that it’s getting worse as it’s painful most of the time and the last thing I’m going to want to do with a newborn baby is suffer toothache too so I rang a dentist. As it happens they were shut! After I built up the courage too! That’s it till Monday now but I must remember to try them again. I’ve temporary filled it again but the filling drops out again after a few hours.

Started cleaning the paintwork on the stairs to decorate and dfs started the bathroom. Also scrubbed the whole kitchen with bleach solution and cleared all the nursing books from out of the bedroom. dfs has taken them to his sisters for his niece. It’s a bit gutting. They cost a fortune and nursing is a huge chapter (not intentional…) of my life I miss but can’t get back.


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sorry it’s been a while… other

Posted by --- on Tuesday 15 June, 2010

Not on the same scale but Lexie isn’t the only thing we’ve said goodbye to since becoming pregnant – yes there is a huge list of things but the thing I was refering to was my landy. It had to go. Not practical for the kids really but definately not for a baby. So out goes the landy and in joins the mondy… not quite the same ring is it? Still, it’s comfortable and family friendly and we thought we had got it for a good price. After sitting in it and it shaking so much it rattles your teeth or, even worse, driving down the fast lane of the motorway over taking at 83 mph with a queue of traffic behind you when an orange light on the dash flashes on and the car decelerates rapidly as it hits limp mode it seems i’ts  not quite such a bargain! A mobile mechanic called today (charged us £40 for the pleasure) and told us that one of the injectors is down, which we suspected, but he couldn’t say which one but offered to repair it for somewhere in the region of £300 and then said that he also thinks the problem on the motorway is due to a faulty/dying fuel pump which is going to be around £800. Not much fun when DFS still hasn’t got a job and I’m not working either. So, for now,  we will put up with the shaking – maybe the movment will help settle the baby when she’s restless! – and not drive over 75mph.

Over the last few months I haven’t been able to do much but I do have some photos of what we’ve been up to. When I get chance (and aren’t so tired!) I’ll upload and blog about them . For now, goodnight.

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sorry it’s been a while… lexie

Posted by --- on Tuesday 15 June, 2010

After agonising for months we decided that with our small home and a baby on the way, we would rehome Lexie. Because of her good pedigree I didn’t want her to go off to be a puppy factory so I spent a few weeks trying to place her in one of the services. I was surprised at the police force who I thought would be interested but after ringing several different areas I had no luck. I was told in the end that they breed their own puppies. Then I tried the air force who were interested and came to check her out.  She didn’t pass the tests. They said she was very intelligent and one of the most intelligent they’d came across but she was also too independant and would be too difficult to train (tell me something I didn’t know!).

This then meant finding a domestic home for her where she would be happy and looked after. I contacted a local family who run GSD clubs etc and asked if they knew anyone interested and they wanted her for themselves! I couldn’t be here when she went but have been in contact and she is more than happy. The problems she had here aren’t a problem there. she has to mix with other dogs as she is with other dogs and has settled with them really well. She is also no longer afraid to travel as she follows the rest of the pack into the car and as they are happy so is she. I have been invited to go and see her whenever I’d like but I can’t bring myself to go and put myself through that. I think they are intending to start showing her and probably let her have a litter of puppies in a year or so.

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sorry it’s been a while… first news

Posted by --- on Tuesday 15 June, 2010

Well it’s been ages since i last posted and lots has happened which I’ll probably post about seperately.  the first major thing is that on the 6th November last year I discovered that I’m pregnant!

Yes it was a shock for us too. We already have 3 children with large age gaps and I’m not a spring chicken but these things happen. Because of my age, previous miscarriage history and having twins before I’ve been monitored quite closely but it’s not been a fun pregnancy.  I’ve had vomitting (lost 1 1/2 stone), hypertension, kidney problems and suspected pre-eclampsia.  I’ve also got dysfunctional pelvic syndrome and been on crutches for some time. They’ve worried that the baby is too big and then too small – I think I have my name on a parking place at the ultrasound clinic! I’ve hardly slept for a few months and am now managing 2 hour stretches – at least we’ve worked it out so I can lie in bed; I was on the sofa sitting up and couldn’t cope with that! My feet and legs are so odematous they no longer look like my legs. I have heartburn, restricted airways, hemorroids and now they suspect pre-eclamsia again! Being my age, over-weight and unfit has meant that I’m worn out but we’ve now got to 35 weeks (36 on thursday) according to my scan dates so we’re almost there. My consultant wants me to be induced early because of my pelvis but we’re trying to hang on till the end! Oh and it looks like we’re having a girl.

this was the first test – sorry it’s blurred. I’ll post scan pics when I upload them.

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